03 Dec 2019

Enthusiasts of radio-controlled airships meet and compete in Friedrichshafen

The first-ever radio-controlled airship event took place over three days at Faszination Modellbau in November 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It was organised by the Aeroclub of Germany  (DAeC) the Aerarium Club, an organisation that is promoting Lighter than Air Vehicles.

More than 20 enthusiasts from different countries worldwide brought their RC airships and took part. The highlight was the 2019 F7 German Open regatta on Saturday, which served as an FAI Category 2 Open International event and a German Championship.

Twelve pilots from different countries competed with their own airships in different sizes and volumes and flew one after the other a figure 8 parcours. A handicap system is applied to compare small ships with larger and faster ones.

After the Regatta everyone took part in the Ben Hur Race, whose only rule is: Do no harm! Given that contact and bumpers are not a problem for the helium-filled blimps, the event is pure fun.

The Aerarium Club won the Regatta and proudly received the first-ever trophy in F7b. This trophy will be brought to the next official Regatta and handed to the next winner.


  1. Erich Fink (Aerarium e.V)
  2. Andreas Burkart (Windreiter GbR)
  3. Marius Hirn

Next Regattas

  • Germany, Berlin, 6 June 2020
  • UK, Bedford, October 2020
  • Germany, Friedrichshafen, 31 October 2020