FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

07 Sep 2022

Euro PGA 2022 after task 7: Romania in Overall, France in Female and Serbia in Teams.

Yesterday's round 6 had a remarkable number of dead center hits  - five pilots ended the day with 000 in the results: Vlastimil Vachtl from Czech Republic, Samuel Sperber and  Dominique Leclercq from France,  Jaka Gorenc from Slovenia, Matthew Bignell from UK and  Xhonatan Islami from Albania. 

Whilst competitors had previously enjoyed many calm starts to the competition days, building to stronger thermic conditions before calming down in the evening, today brought what many referred to as ‘British’ conditions with a lovely strong steady wind for most of the morning – different to the challenging very low wind approaches to the target.!

Early afternoon was deceptive with the sun burning through the early clouds, causing thermals and little wind. This proved a challenging start to round 7 for many of the top names who dropped large scores. As the afternoon continued the weather calmed down a bit, the wind changed direction and the late afternoon and early evening saw quite a few solid very low scores.  Cheering from many a pilot’s fellow team members was often heard in the spectator area(s) towards the end of the day.

In the round 7 only 3 pilots got zeros Marketa Tomaskova fron Czech Republic, and Borjan  Jovanoski  and Martin Jovanoski fro North Macedonia. 

After 7 rounds the leaders are:

In Overall

1    George    Cotet    ROM    
2    Vlastimil    Vachtl    CZE    
3    Goran    Djurkovic    SRB

In Female

1    Catherine    Devos    FRA        
2    Marketa    Tomaskova    CZE    
3    Ayana    Askar    KAZ    

And in Teams

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Czech Republic

All results by this link.

Safety committee member, Andy Shaw, said it was a pleasure to work with the Romanian team on another day that saw 100% successful winch tows.

In the header is the picture of Andy Shaw from UK and George Cotet from Romania - the current leader. Below is a picture of Vlastil taking off at the start of round 8.

Photos and text by Miry.