20 Dec 2021

F7B helium airships lift off in Friedrichshafen

Radio control airship pilots gathered in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the 2nd FAI Open International in category F7B.

The competition took place as part of the ‘Faszination Modellbau’ regatta, a weekend-long event with displays and training flights and a question-and-answer session for the visitors about the helium airships.

F7B Friedrichshafen 2021

For the exciting FAI category 2 competition, nine pilots entered from Germany and other countries. The pilot Alexander Richter won the first place ahead of Andreas Burkart and Erich Fink, with the USA's Mark Summers narrowly missing a place on the podium. 

The event was organized by the Aerarium registered association, and greatly supported by the German Aeromodelling Association (MFSD) and the Aeroclub of Germany  (DAeC).

Friedrichshafen is the birthplace of the Zeppelin and is home to a major airship and aviation museum.

2021 Winners

  1. Alexander Richter, GER
  2. Andreas Burkart, GER
  3. Erich Fink, GER