09 Mar 2023

Fabio Loro is the new CIVL Safety officer

At CIVL Plenary 2023 the newly elected Bureau has nominated Fabio Loro (ITA) to become the new CIVL Safety officer.

A paragliding pilot since 1990 Fabio Loro also has some experience as a hang glider as well. He stopped competing before the GPS era and now is completely engaged as a paragliding instructor to run his own school in Bassano, Italy. As a local representative of FIVL (Italian Free Flight Federation), Fabio has been involved in safety issues since mid-90s. Fabio worked for 5 years in a paragliding and hang-gliding harness factory, witnessing the dawn of the back protector's tests. He was an MD or a member of the organising team of at least 10 editions of Trofeo Montegrappa and during the last 15 years followed several FAI Cat 1 competitions as a Steward or a Jury Member.

"I am deeply convinced that our safety begins with a sharing of incidents and inconvenient situations: the more we know the best we can prevent.," says Fabio. "My goal is to increase the cooperation between CIVL, NACs, comp organisers, and pilots to acquire as much data as possible to detect dangerous trends and prevent them."