02 Feb 2021

FAI Gold Parachuting Medal awarded to Juliya Angelova

The FAI Gold Parachuting Medal was awarded to Juliya Angelova at this year's ISC Plenary.  Nominated by the National Aero Club of Bulgaria, Juliya was recognized for a lifetime of great devotion to the sport as well as her achievements in the Accuracy Event.  Juliya began her skydiving career in 1950 at only 14 years of age.  She competed from 1956-1964 and earned 8 medals in the Accuracy Event.   After her time as a member of the Bulgarian National Team, Juliya continued to be active in the sport as an instructor and rigger for many years.   For her love of the sport, her competition accomplishments, and training thousands of students and upcoming competitors, Juliya is truly deserving of this prestigious award.   Congratulations, Juliya... and Happy 84th Birthday.