28 Feb 2022

FAI position on the conflict taking place in Ukraine

In regard to the conflict taking place with Ukraine, the FAI has decided to suspend the FAI members of Russia and Belarus with immediate effect and therefore remove all rights as listed in FAI Statutes

See attached the declaration.

NB Article states:
Active Members shall be entitled to administer Sporting Powers delegated by FAI, to organise FAI international competitions, to assist in the homologation of aeronautic and space records in their respective Countries, to participate in FAI sporting events and the work of the specialised FAI Air Sport Commissions and Technical Commissions, to attend FAI meetings, to nominate a Vice-President to represent the Active Member, a Regional Vice-President, if required, and delegates to other FAI bodies as provided for in FAI By-Laws, to represent their respective Countries in FAI matters and to exercise such voting rights as prescribed by the Statutes, the FAI By-Laws and the Sporting Code.