06 Dec 2016

FAI takes the lead in the rise of the drone sports

The FAI, World Air Sports Federation, is putting itself at the centre of the international discussions about drones and drone sports as they happen around the world.

In early December the FAI attended the International Drone Sports Conference in Pyeongchang, Korea. Hosted by the local government, the conference brought together drone sports event organisers, media and industry representatives.

The FAI was there to promote and support the development of drone sports in a sustainable way, and with a long-term view.

Working with air sports associations in its member countries the FAI is leading on dealing with sporting and regulatory aspects of drones.

That includes developing rules to allow safe and fair competition, and the development of FAI sanctioned competitions.

In recent years technology has made substantial steps so that having and flying a drone is affordable and easy to use. As a result the activity has boomed, bringing hundreds of thousands of people into this new and exciting activity.

Whether it’s a flying drone or quad equipped with a camera to take amazing footage, racing drones, in any of the new and hotly-contested drone competitions around the world, or using drones for business, a whole new world of aerial activity is opening up in front of us.

However, as with any fast-growing activity, the excitement and ease of access has brought with it many challenges and questions.

These range from how to introduce thousands of new drone pilots to the rules and regulations surrounding air law, which is critical to maintaining safety in the skies, to the development of the sport of drone racing, to the potential ’commercialisation’ of previously open air space by private companies.

As the world governing body for all air sports recognised by the International Olympic Committee, the FAI is also responsible for world drone sports. And as drones develop across the world and millions of people are caught up in their magic, the FAI will be at the heart of this new and exciting discipline.

Drones have already taken to their skies by the thousands – the FAI will be right there alongside them.

Photo Credit: jon11/iStock