08 Feb 2022

FS 2022 R 1.0 Released

We just released FS 2022 R1.0, which implements the task distance definition as requested by the 2022 CIVL Plenary, and also introduces pre-defined categories as a way to make score keepers’ work faster and easier.

In most competitions, besides the overall scoring, we also produce various category scorings: Female, Sports Class, or all pilots of one nations for their national championship.

Traditionally, we had to define those categories each and every time we wanted to produce a results report for it. So, for instance, every time we wanted to create the Female ranking for task 2, we had to select task 2, go to "Reports" - "Task result with filter" (or "Category task results") and then define the category from scratch.

With FS 2022 R1.0 we introduce pre-defined categories. If you like the way things were done before, everything is still in place, you don't have to change anything. But if you want, you can now pre-define your competition's categories, and from then on, whenever you call "Report" - "Task result" or "Report" - "Competition result", the corresponding reports will be produced for all of your categories, in one step, without the need to define how each category is defined over and over.

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