IPC Plenary Meeting 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria,

27 Jan
28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018

The Historic New Bureau

From left to right: Susan Dixon (Recording Secretary), Elisabet Mikaelsson (1st Vice President), Gillian Rayner (IPC President), Doris Merz Hunziker (2nd Vice President), Gail Bradley (Finance Secretary).

Saturday 02 February 2018

Following the Elections on the last day of the IPC Plenary meeting in Sofia, Agnieszka Sobczynska has, for reasons beyond her control, had to resign from her position as Vice President. Her fellow bureau members express their sadness at this unfortunate situation.  The post will remain unfilled until the 2019 Plenary in France.

Sunday 28th January 2018

Today being the last day of the Plenary saw the nominations and election of new Bureau members. Gillian Rayner, Delegate France, put herself forward for the role of President and with no other nominees, both Gillian Rayner and Dr.Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle made presentations to the assembly as to why the delegates should vote for them. There were a total of 46 votes available to include 12 proxies. The process was handled by FAI's Sports and Events Director Markus Haggeney and overseen by two scrutineers, Ray Williams and Arnold Hohenegger. With votes cast, counted and verified, Gillian Rayner was elected to the position of IPC President with 26 votes, Dr.Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle received 19, with 1 abstention.

As the new IPC President, Gillian took the chair to continue with the election process, first seeking nominations for 1st Vice President. With only one nomination, Elisabet Mikaelsson (SWE) was elected to this position by acclamation.

Turning to the nominations for the two Vice Presidents, whilst several candidates were nominated, all turned down the nominations except Doris Merz Hunziker (SUI) and Agnieszka 'Aggie' Sobczynska (POL), who once again were voted in by acclamation.

With one nomination received for the position of Financial Secretary, Gail Bradley (AUS) was duly elected by acclamation to this position.

Finally, Susan Dixon (FRA) was re-elected to the position of Recording Secretary unopposed.

This new line up is unique - the first female President of an ASC, the first all-female bureau within the FAI and they are all current FAI Judges!