06 Jun 2005

How to organize Category 2 events

A hang gliding or paragliding competition can be registered in the FAI Sporting Calendar as a Category 2 event provided it is an international Sporting event and it is declared as such. Here is what needs to be done… The application form available on the Documents page must be fully completed and sent to the CIVL Competitions Coordinator The organiser must provide the following a minimum of one month before the event: • A completed application form to the CIVL Competitions Coordinator • The sanction fee (one pilot entry fee,if the entry fee is less than 20 euros , then a minimum of 20 euros must be paid) is received by the FAI. This will enable the event to appear on the FAI calendar and be publicised as a Category 2 event. Events must have the approval of the National Aero Club (NAC) of the organiser in order to be sanctioned as Category 2. The person who signs the application form must have obtained this. If the event is to be held in the territory of another NAC then the organiser must also obtain authorization from that NAC. Written proof of this authorization must be submitted to FAI/CIVL with the sanction form. It must be run in accordance with FAI rules (Sporting Code, General Section, 3.3.1). Only pilots holding FAI licences who compete at sanctioned events will be scored in the Pilot Ranking Scheme. Organisers must register every pilot that holds a valid sporting licence and report this in the results. International Participation Category 2 event must be INTERNATIONAL and Open to foreign pilots. A minimum of 25% of the maximum available places must be set aside for pilots from nations other than that of the organiser e.g. if the maximum number is 100, 25 of these places will be set aside for international competitors. The registration deadline for foreign pilots shall be no sooner than 15 days before the start of the competition, after that date unused places can be filled at the discretion of the organiser. Minimum numbers The minimum number of competitors required to validate a Second Category event shall be stated in the regulations for that event and shall not be less than ; 15 for Class 1, Hang gliding (Flex) 6 for Class 5. Hang gliding (Rigid) 8 for Paragliding Accuracy 5 for Paragliding Solo Acrobatics (3 teams in Synchro) No minimum number for Paragliding XC is specified The maximum number of pilots must not exceed 150. Results For Hang Gliding Class 1 and 5, PG Accuracy and Acrobatics there must be at least two valid tasks/rounds for a Category 2 event to be valid. A set of the complete results in an approved format must be sent to the CIVL Competition Co-ordinator the CIVL Competitions Coordinator within 7 days of the end of the competition for updating the appropriate Pilot Ranking Scheme. Please confirm the number of valid tasks/rounds flown. Format Preferred formats are: FSDB file or the full RACE database. An Excel file is also acceptable (.xls or .csv) with the results in the following order: Name (First name followed by family name) Nation (IOC abbreviated codes) Total (score) Valid_FAI_licence (number) CIVL Pilot_ID (available from the WPRS ranking database ) Please note: PDF files are NOT acceptable. Cancellation If an event is cancelled and all the pilots are given the opportunity to get their money back, an event can be rescheduled provided that the minimum 30 days notice is given. The time period is measured from the start of the competition.  The sanction fee

This is equivalent to one pilot entry fee, including any compulsory extras (transportation, retrieve, etc), but not including accommodation. The minimum amount to be paid is 20 euros. The sanction fee must be paid in Euros exclusively directly to FAI.

Payments may be made by direct bank transfer or by credit card

Here are the full banking references, which must be used for all payments:

Credit Suisse Private Banking Rue du Lion d'Or 5-7 Case postale 2468 CH - 1002 Lausanne SWIFT/BIC Code: CRES CHZZ 10A Account name : Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Account n° for Euros exclusively: 0425-457968-32 IBAN code: CH31 0483 5045 7968 3200 0 Please reference the payment as follows: - Category 2 sanction fee, - Name and date of event. - Discipline involved (hang gliding, paragliding, paragliding accuracy, aerobatic). Alternatively you can pay via PAYPAL using the FAI Paypal account. Go to the webpage at: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/payment_sanction_fee Alternatively you can pay by credit card direct to the FAI. The credit card details can be e-mailed to Cosette Mast (at your own risk – we do not recommend that you do it) - Tel: +41 21 345 1070 - Fax: +41 21 345 1077. Contact the CIVL Competitions Coordinator Practical guidelines for organisers of FAI/CIVL competitions