13 Oct 2023

IBD - 2023-07 and 2023-08, WCIS Macau, Update

The 5th FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, as well as the 1st Asian Indoor Skydiving Championships and 3rd FAI European Indoor Skydivng Championships will be held in Macau from the 16th-21st of April, 2024 (note the slight date change).

IBD 2023-07,  Date Change and Competition Package:      The Organisers have proposed a complete package including accomodation for five nights, lunch and refreshments on competition days, opening and award ceremonies and the gala dinner and after-party.   Also included are a Tour of Macau on the morning of April 21st, a goody bag, discounted pre-competition tunnel time and the use of the hotel shuttle services.   The Organisers have secured excellent rates at a hotel within the same mall as GoAirborne Macau (3-5 minute walk door-to-door).  For those who wish to arrive prior to the Competition, or just after (the 21st), the hotel will offer exceptional room rates.

The ISC Bureau have made an Interim Bureau Decision (IBD 2023-07), to accept the change of dates and to accept the full package option as the only option, considering that it is the most economical solution for delegations, and will facilitate the organisation due to the closeness of the hotel to the wind tunnel.

The IBD (2023-07) and full package details can be found here:    IBD 2023 - 07, WCIS Macau, Dates/Package (includes Complete Fee Table)

IBD 2023-08,  Chief Judges:    Due to the fact that the WCIS is being held in April, 2024 and a visa is required for entry into Macau, it was necessary for the Chief Judges to be selected, and in a position to select their panel of judges as soon as the 2024 Judges List is available, and definitely prior to the 2024 ISC Plenary meeting in February.

The ISC Bureau have made an Interim Bureau Decision (2023-08) to accept the nomination of the Chief Judges, as follows:

Formation Skydiving:  Peta Holmes          Artistic Events:  Thi Bich Van Ha         Dynamic Flying:  Kristian Moxnes

The IBD (2023-08) can be found here:   IBD 2023 - 08, CJ's Macau