11 Jun 2024

IBD 2024-08 - Modified Schedule, WISC (AE), 2025

Modified Schedule - 5th FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships (AE), 2025

The ISC Bureau has approved a request from the Organiser of the World Indoor AE Championships in Charlerois, Belgium, to modifiy the event schedule.   The new dates will be from 22-28 April, 2025.   During the 2024 ISC Plenary Meeting which was held in Orlando, Florida in January, the Plenary approved a new Dynamic event (Speed Solo).  In anticipation of having a large number of competitors participating in this event, the Organiser, with the agreement from the AE and DY Committees, have extended the number competition days.

The IBD can be found here:    2024 - 08 IBD, Modified Schedule, 5th FAI World Indoor AE Championships, Charlerois, BEL, 2025

The published IBD's can be found on the ISC Website:   https://www.fai.org/isc-documents