17 Sep 2018

IBD's 16 and 17 - FAI 3rd WCIS, Bahrain

17th September 2018

Due to the resignation of the FAI controller for the above event the Bureau has issued an Interim Bureau Decision No. 16 to replace  Agnieszka Sobczynska by Mark Szulmayer - and as a result, on taking up the posiion Mark drew the attention of the Bureau to the lack of entries (below 4 NAC's) for two of the events:  2WD Junior and D4W.  As a result of that information the Bureau has issued another IBD no. 17 cancelling these two events.

Both IBD's are available on this site - follow the links or go to the menu - Organisation - IPC Bureau/IBD's - Documents - Interim Bureau Decisions - Interim Bureau Decisions 2018

Susan Dixon

IPC Recording Secretry