03 Nov 2021

Jonas Horacek (CZE) - Grandpa should be proud

Jonas Horacek is the youngest participant of Paragliding Worlds 2021. He is a 19-year-old Czech, and it is his first Worlds. He started to compete 3 years ago. His first-ever result in FAI 2 Czech Open 2018 was 28 out of 69 participants which is rather an achievement. He did well in all the national competitions and in 2020 was already selected for the PWC Disentis and in 2021 for PWC Kopaonik. In the same year he also was 2nd on the podium of Pyhrn Priel Cup / Upper Austria Championship together with Tilen Ceglar (SLO) - 1st and Christoph Eder (AUT) - 3rd. And also second in Overall in GIN Czech Open with Michal Sneiberg (CZE) - 1st and Samuel Jordán (CZE) - 3rd.

So we took the opportunity of a non-flying day and asked Jonas a few questions to find out how to get to the top 500 in 3 years. About him his life and PG career.

Welcome Jonas you are the youngest participant of the PG World Championship, you come from the Czech Republic team. Was it hard to get to Tucuman Argentina?

Yes, it was. It was a lot of paperwork. But thanks to my team they did all the paperwork, so I just sat on a plane and flew here.

Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What is your occupation in life?

I live in Borovice, in the north of the Czech republic. And I attend the university in Prague it's my first year and I study technical engineering.

When have you started to fly?

I started flying 4 years ago when I was fifteen.

What or whom inspired you to go into paragliding?

Especially, my grandfather. He was a designer of the paragliders in the Czech republic.

Where have you learned to fly?

I learned to fly in the Czech republic and my grandfather was my mentor.

You took part in your first FAI 2 event 3 years ago and now you are selected to compete in the Worlds. What is the secret of such progress?

I try to fly as much as I can. And I also try to study theory a lot.

What wing and harness do you fly?

I fly Enzo 3 and Impress 4.

Was the transition from Sport class to Serial and CCC difficult for you?

At first, I was very stressed and afraid on the two-liner but after a few flights I got to know the glider and it was fun for me.

What were you flying before?

I was flying Iota 2 and then Omega 3 X-Alps.

How long have you flown on the Competition class wing?

My Enzo came in April, so one season. About 150 hours.

What pilots inspire you in your PG career?

All pilots that are flying good. PWC's pilots.

What is your best result in the competition so far?

It was this year in the Czech Championship. I came the second.

Have you flown in South America?

No, not yet

What do you expect from flying here? What is your goal to achieve during this championship?

My goal is to learn new things and to get better.

Thank you Jonas, we wish you a successful performance.