21 Feb 2022

Judge Training & Re-Evaluation Course in Canopy Piloting

Judges Training & Judges Re-Evaluation Course in Canopy Piloting

If you are interested in training to be an FAI Judge in Canopy Piloting, or would like to receive a Re-Evaluation, there will be a Judges Training Course at Skydive PINK Klatovy in the Czech Republic from 9-14 August (10-14 August for Re-Evaluation).  The course will be held during the "PINK Canopy Piloting Open" and the Chief of Judge Training is Bjorn Korth.  Additional information is available under the "Judges" heading on the ISC Website:   https://www.fai.org/isc-documents.   (Photo Credit:  Andrey Veselov) 

Or you may find the course details here:   Canopy Piloting, August, 2022, Klatovy, Czech Republic