13 Mar 2014

Main decisions taken at the FAI Gliding Commission 2014 Annual Meeting

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) was held on 7 and 8 March 2014 in Varese, Italy.

The Commission presented the improvements that were made to the training of the IGC Stewards: new training guides and documents, new communication platform, overall improved support.

Famous Italian glider pilot and current FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Champion Giorgio Galetto gave a speech to the Delegates about his views on the future of gliding competitions in IGC competitions such as World Championships and the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix series.

Here are the main decisions that were taken during the meeting:

Future competitions

9th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship
Awarded to: Zbraslavice (Czech Rep.)
Date to be advised

19th FAI European Gliding Championships     
Awarded to: Moravska Trebova (Czech Rep.)     
Date to be advised

19th FAI European Gliding Championships    
Lasham (United Kingdom)     
23 Jul to 06 Aug 2017

10th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships   
Awarded to: Pociunai, Kaunas (Lithuania)     
29 Jul to 13 Aug 2017

2nd FAI World 13.5m Class Gliding Championship     
Leszno (Poland)     
21 Jul to 10 Aug 2017


No awards were given this year.

Next meeting

The next FAI Gliding Commission annual meeting will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 27 to 28 February 2015.