23 Jul 2018

Marco Matthai wins the Barcelona Drone Racing F3U World Cup

After a hard-fought contest that culminated with a fast and furious day of eliminations, Marco Matthai - Vilano FPV - was crowned winner of the Barcelona Drone Racing F3U World Cup 2018 in Les Comes, Spain yesterday.

He beat off competition from some 70 pilots from all over Europe, some of whom travelled from as far afield as Russia and Macedonia. But despite his impressive performance, the 25-year-old German pilot has only been flying for a year.

Like all those taking part, he loved the track, which he suggests may have contributed to his success. “I’m not used to this style of track," Matthai said. “It has a lot of space and is very fast; I liked it. I was getting better and better. My final run was my best: perfect timing!”

He is now hoping to continue in the same style - perhaps all the way to the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships in China later this year. “If I can repeat it maybe I can qualify for the World Championships in Shenzen,” he said.

However, Matthai, who urges all drone racing fans to “get a drone and fly, you need as much stick time as possible", was not the only pilot to show some serious skills at this event.

Saturdays qualifications had seen the young winner of the 2018 WDR Paris World Cup, Killian Rousseau, post the fastest lap, putting him in pole position as he went into the last 32. 

But Rousseau crashed out on the first lap of the final, dashing his hopes of another World Cup win in Spain. He therefore finished fourth in the closely fought race, behind Polish pilot Jan Wielgosz in second place, and Rui Antunes from Portugal in third position.

The competition was held at the outdoor centre of Les Comes north of Barcelona, which is blessed with a natural bowl perfect for racing.

The track made use of the terrain with sections negotiating obstacles such as trees as well as man-made tunnels and gates, and was located in a natural hollow that afforded spectators a fantastic view of the action.

Freespace Drone Racing, which has recently signed a deal with the FAI, also wowed the fans with giant drone demonstration races showing just how visually exciting these larger drones are for the crowds. Measuring half a metre long, they are easy to follow and sound equally impressive.

Many congratulations to all the competitors and the winners - and thanks to everyone who worked on and attended this fantastic event!



1 Marco Matthai Germany
2 Jan Wielgosz Poland
3 Rui Antunes Portugal
4 Killian Rousseau France
5 Bastian Hackl Austria
6 Antoni Georgiev Bulgaria
7 Marc Roman Muste Spain
8 Vasco Mateus Portugal
9 Thomas Grout France
10 Miquel Garriga Sanchez Spain
11 Vicent Mayans Cervera Spain
12 David Galera Martínez Spain
13 Robert Miroszewski Poland
14 Jose Peñaranda Spain
15 Francesc Callejas Spain
16 Daniel Casado Spain
17 Bojan Nikov Macedonia
18 Ivan Merino Garces Spain
19 Arturo Dineiro Rivera Spain
20 Erick Carratala Spain
21 Andre Ferreira Portugal
22 Stanislaw Wielgosz Poland
23 Diego De la Fuente Rodrigo Spain
24 Jonatan Sanchez Echevarria Spain
25 Nil Genoves Spain
26 Elouan Jorrand France
27 Aleksandar Nikov Macedonia
28 Marc Bosch Berloso Spain
29 Juan Pablo Lacasa Horno Spain
30 Miguel Sánchez Martinez Spain
31 Victor Jordan Giménez Spain
32 Diego Garcia Esteban Spain
33 Felix Borjas Melero Spain
34 David Lougedo Spain
35 Joaquin Navarro Rodrigues Spain
36 Manuel Cervantes Nájera Spain
37 Daniel Efrén Balsalobre Martínez Spain
38 Christian Tovar Spain
39 Guillaume Bailleau France
40 Jose Daniel caballero alcaraz Spain
41 Hernan Medina Spain
42 Carlos Gomez Carril Spain
43 Frederic Cuny France
44 Bartlomiej Laszczak Poland
45 Fernando Hermida Spain
46 Ernest Artigas Spain
47 Xavier Moreno Spain
48 Antoni Gomez Gracia Spain
49 Luis Silva Portugal
50 Miguel Martinez Navarro Spain
51 Łukasz Kozak Poland
52 Miguel Piñol Mendizabal Spain
53 Isabel Vila Roura Spain
54 Miguel Bori Rodriguez Spain
55 Nacho Feced Spain
56 Vincent Mayans Roig Spain
57 Sergio Moreno Delgado Spain
58 Jonatan Caballero moreno Spain

Photo credit: FAI/Marcus King