22 Jul 2021

Matjaz Sluga raises the stakes to 23 PGA rounds with a score of 45 cm

FAI has received a new Paragliding Accuracy record claim for the number of consecutive accuracy landing with a score  = or < than 5cm. Matjaz Sluga improves his own record by 5 more rounds. Now he claims a record of 23 rounds with a score of 45 cm. 

We have contacted Matjaz to learn where he made those precise landings. He tells:

"The competition took place from 25 to 27 of June 2021 in Macedonia, Mavrovo. It was the second event in the European Cup in accuracy landing PGAEC this season. My goal coming into this competition was different from other competitions. It was improving the world record, not just to win. 

The flying conditions were hard, with strong thermals and turbulence in the landing zone, allowing me to use my flying skills and experience to hit the target. I was focused on the first five flights, in which I had gathered myself a big enough lead to win. I was happy with the victory and the world record at 23 flights.

These results gave me reassurance in my decision to work with Papillon Paragliders and fly the Raqoon. It also confirmed my form, readiness, and fitness being in very good condition. I am looking forward to the next competition".

Congratulations Matjaz!

PS ... the story is likely to have a continuation :)