17 Mar 2007

New formula for the World Pilot Ranking System

The new, improved World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS) is up and running! A new formula for calculating the World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS), proposed by the CIVL Scoring & Ranking Systems and Software Working Group, was discussed and agreed at the Plenary meeting in Talloires, France, in February 2007. The agreed implementation date was 1st March, 2007. The new formula marks a significant improvement on the old versions, and importantly, the same formula can now be used for all disciplines. The disciplines covered by the WPRS include: Paragliding XC, Paragliding Accuracy, Paragliding Aerobatics (Syncro and Solo), Hang Gliding XC Class1, Hang Gliding XC Class 2, Hang Gliding Class 5 and Hang Gliding Aerobatics. Within each discipline, the rankings for Nations and Women are also listed. For the technically minded, the new formula has been improved in a number of respects. First, it takes into account the real scores in order to allocate points within a competition. This means, for example, that if there is a significant gap between, say, the top three places and the next five results, this will be reflected in the ranking points awarded, rather than a straight linear scale, as previously. Next, instead of using a fixed number for the average number of pilots in a competition, the formula uses the average number of pilots calculated over the last 12 months of competitions for that discipline. A number of additional tweaks improve the formula even further. A detailed explanation of the formula and its variables is presented on the WPRS pages. Note that it is highly informative to look at “Competitions used in rankings” to see the value of the parameters used in the WPRS formula for a specific competition. From 1st March 2007, the WPRS rankings have been calculated using the new formula. This means that, as agreed at the Plenary, the rankings for all competitions in the last 3 years have been recalculated using the new formula. However, older rankings were not recalculated, and they show the rankings determined at that time. So it is easy to look back at earlier dates to see how the rankings have changed. CIVL encourages every pilot to register on the CIVL pilot database. Click on ‘registry page’ from the WPRS Rankings page. Pilots can correct spelling and other information and add more data, such as gliders flown. For those not familiar with the WPRS, its aim is to rank pilots, by discipline, all over the world, based on their performance in sanctioned competitions, both Category 1 and Category 2. The CIVL Scoring & Ranking Systems and Software Working Group, chaired by Agust Gudmundsson, operates on a continuous improvement basis, aiming to incrementally improve the WPRS. The new improved formula is now used for all disciplines of CIVL competitions. If there are any questions or comments please contact Paula Sayer or Agust Gudmundsson Happy flying.