2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial

Tanay / Kemerovo,

10 Aug
20 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021

The Mondial 2020 comes to a close with brand new FAI world records

Exhilaration, happy smiles, new records and many, many medals: the Mondial 2020 in Russia has come to a close after 10 days of world-class skydiving, wingsuit and canopy piloting competitions.

Tanay Mondial 2020
Image Credit: Marat Daminov

Held in two locations - Tanay and Kemerovo - the Mondial 2020 comprised nine FAI world championship competitions between 10-20 August 2021. The event was supposed to take place in 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic situation. As the name ‘Mondial 2020’ was already established, it was decided to keep the name the same despite the year change.

Tanay Mondial 2020

Image credit: Leysa

During the course of the Mondial, several record claims were registered with the FAI, at European, North American, South American and World level. The FAI is therefore delighted to share the numerous world records have been ratified in Skydiving (Speed and Formation), Canopy Piloting and Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying. Congratulations to everyone involved! 

The Norwegian Acrobatic Wingsuit team of Espen Fadnes (Norway), Amber Forte (Norway), Andreas Haland Hemli (Norway) grabbed a world record with the 35 grips in their formation on 18 August, beating the previous record set on 12 Sep 2020 by 3 grips.

In Speed Skydiving, congratulations go to the USA’s Maxine Tate, who beat Mascia Ferri’s 2019 record of 418.25 km/h to gain the Class G (Skydiving) World record for her speed of 438.06 km/h on 10 August, then on 12 August beat her own record with a recording of 443, 85 km/h.

Maxine Tate USA Mondial 2020

Maxine Tate, USA speed skydiver. Image credit: Leysa

In the Juniors, Italy’s Massimo Caramel gained a world record with a performance of 482,23 km/h on 12 August. Kyle Lobpries of the USA made a world record on 10 August with a speed of 508.93 km/h.

First North American records were set by the USA’s female formation skydivers Cory Kossan (USA), Katrina Shows (USA), Jill Stephenson (USA), Christina West (USA), Rhonda Wilcox (USA), Sandra van der Bilt (USA) with an impressive 25 formations on 10 August 2021, and on the same date in the VFS longest sequence of 24 formations by Johnny Gunn (USA), Dustin "Dusty" Hanks (USA), Sam Lendle (USA), Michael Jason Russell (USA), Stephanie Strange (USA).

In canopy piloting, the carved speed for 70m of 2,033 sec by Marcos Darman (Argentina) became a new South American record.

An archive of some of the many fantastic photographs from the event is available for the public (see credits within the images). 

ISC President Gillian Rayner declared how pleased she was that the Mondial 2020 had finally been able to take place and thanked the hosts for the wonderful conditions they made available to everyone (other than the weather part of the time, which was unfortunate!). She commented:

“These brilliant new records show just how much the two newest disciplines in skydiving, Speed and Wingsuit Flying have progressed in a short time and will hopefully encourage greater participation in the future.”

Wingsuit Mondial 2020
Image credit Saveliy Bashirov

List of events held

  • 10th FAI Junior World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships - 2021, Kemerovo
    Freefall Style – Female – Junior, Male – Junior
    Accuracy Landing – Female – Junior, Male - Junior
  • 13th FAI World Artistic Events Championships - 2021, Tanay
    Disciplines: Freestyle and Freeflying
  • 19th FAI World Canopy Formations Championships - 2021, Tanay
    Disciplines: 4-Way Rotation and 2-Way Sequential
  • 24th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships - 2021, Tanay
    4-Way Event – Female
    4-way Event
    8-Way Event
    VFS 4-Way event
  • 2nd FAI World Canopy Piloting Freestyle Championships - 2021, Tanay
  • 36th FAI World Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships - 2021, Kemerovo
    Freefall Style – Female, Male
    Accuracy Landing – Female, Male
  • 3rd FAI World Speed Skydiving Championships - 2021, Tanay
  • 3rd FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championships - 2021, Tanay
  • 8th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championship - 2021, Tanay
    Distance, Speed and Zone Accuracy

The full results of the competitions are available online. View full results.

Image credit: Leysa
Header image: Marat Daminov