20 May 2018

PGA Worlds Test event in Vrsac, Serbia - exciting to the last flight!

After 2 hours of waiting for the morning fog to clear round 6 was launched at 10.30. Perfect conditions made whole 8 rounds possible. And the last round made all the difference. Thermal conditions caused many skilled pilots to make a mistake and the results list was really a living document.

But in the end, it was Slovenia's experienced pilot - Matjaz Feraric who took the 1st place with 25 cm. Jaka Gorenc from the same country had the same result but lost by the number of 0 scores. Serbia's local pilot Goran Djurkovic was third with 28 cm. The best female pilot was Georgiana Brigoz from Romania.

We were glad to see new faces in the leaders and new countries entering the scene. Check out Romania's Ovidiu Murariu, a young talent of whom we will most likely to hear more in future.

The organisation, led by Zeljko Ovuka, did a great job and the competition was run in a positive spirit from the beginning to the end.

Header photo:  Winners, from left: Jaka Gorenc (SLO), Matjaz Feraric (SLO), Goran Djurkovic (SER)


The Winner Matjz Feraric landing on the last round, 2 cm

Matjaz Feraric (Winner) 

The judging team from Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and India together with MD and CIVL steward