28 Aug 2007

Pilot rankings – Photo opportunity!

The CIVL online database of pilots, competitions and results which includes pilots and nations ranking system has just been enhanced with the option of including photographs of pilots. Check out the Womens' Paragliding ranking http://civlrankings.fai.org/?a=329&ladder_id=3&ranking_date=2007-08-01& or Paragliding Nations ranking http://civlrankings.fai.org/?a=328&ladder_id=3&ranking_date=2007-08-01& to give you an idea of how it will look. We are encouraging pilots to upload their own photographs through this very simple process: 1. Make sure you have already registered on the CIVL pilot database: Go to: http://civlrankings.fai.org/?a=305, click on ‘Register’ and follow the instructions. This will take a couple of minutes and you will need to validate your registration as soon as you receive the confirmation email. 2. Once you are registered you will be able to add or change the information held and upload a photograph. We strongly recommend all pilots to register on the CIVL Pilots database and check that their details are correct. This will greatly simplify the process of adding competition results, to avoid errors where pilot names may have been incorrectly spelled by competition organisers. Competition organisers should try to use the CIVL Pilot ID number when sending in results, as this too helps avoid mistakes. Eventually, pilots will be able to register for FAI sanctioned competitions through the CIVL website, providing they are registered and their pilot data is correct.