07 Oct 2007

Plenary planning

Planning is underway for the CIVL Plenary, 9 to 10 February 2008, in Manzanillo, Mexico. The various Subcommittee and Working Group meetings will take place, immediately prior, on 7 and 8 February. All CIVL delegates have already been notified directly of the meetings. The deadline for written proposals for inclusion on the Plenary agenda is 10 December, 2007. The deadline for electronic copies of bids for 2010 Category 1 competitions, is also 10 December, 2007. The Agenda will be published by 21 December, 2007. Information about the CIVL Plenary Meeting in February 2008 in Manzanillo (Mexico) can be found on the following website: http://www.femeda.com.mx/aero/cm8-0.htm