2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying


02 Nov
08 Nov 2017
11 Nov 2017

Prize Giving Ceremony

Friday 10th November 2017

As everyone who was involved with the 2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying leaves Nevada to make their way home we reflect on the winners of the competition and the prize-giving the night before and thank all those who worked so hard to make this all possible.

Prior to the presentation of the medal, the top 10 Performance Flyers were presented with Certificates to honour their place and result in this competition - which is well recorded in the video made of the event by Skydive-TV (see foot of this page).

Congratulations to our medal winners - and, thanks to Sammy of Skydive Fyrosity, also winners of Fisher Space Pens - also gold, silver and bronze:

2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying
Acrobatic Flying
Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying Medalists 2017
Gold Medal

"Wicked Wingsuits A-Team"

Travis Mickle, Anthony Zerbonia, Wes Sandler

Silver Medal

"Flat Spin"

Mark Kransinski, Jeffrey Harrigan, Sarah Chamberlain

Bronze Medal

"Sky Republic"

Andrei Lurosch, Sergei Kistaichev, Igor Volkov



2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying
Performance Flying
Performance Wingsuit Flying Medalists 2017
Gold MedalChris GeilerUSA
Silver MedalAlexey GaldaUSA
Bronze MedalTravis MickleUSA

Following the presentation of the Medals, there were speeches from Sammy Vassilev, host and organiser, John Smyth the FAI Controller and also Chair of the Wingsuit Flying Committee, a representative from the Town Council who said it was one of the most exciting and prestigious events to ever take place in Overton and thanked everyone for being here, and Randy Connell on behalf of the USPA, finally Dr. Rainer 'EXI' Hoenle, President of IPC and the Jury at this World Cup, who repeated the thanks to the competitors and formally declared the 2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying over.  The FAI anthem was played and the flag was formally handed over to the representative of the next Wingsuit Flying event;  the 2nd FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championships, 2018 to be held in Prostejov, the Czech Republic 26 Aug - 2 Sept 2018.  The party could then begin.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to make this such a successful event, despite the various hurdles that had to be overcome - some pictures of the various people involved and my apologies to those I did not manage to capture.

Sammy Vassily & Iva Vassily - Skydive Fyrosity/Skydive-TVSkydive Fyrosity Team
Sammy & Iva, Skydive Fyrosity/Skydive-TVSkydive Fyrosity Team
Rina Gallo (Jury) Bernard Nicolas (Judge) Ted Wagner (Acro Scoring system) Susan Dixon (Jury) Dr. Rainer 'Ex' Hoenle (Jury + IPC President)John Smyth FAI Controller
Jury: Rina Gallo, Susan Dixon, 'Exi' + Bernard Nicolas and Ted WagnerFAI Controller - John Smyth
James Heyhurst - Meet DirectorCJ - Richard 'Buzz' Bennett
Jimmy Hayhurst - Meet DirectorChief Judge - Richard 'Buzz' Bennett

Judges panel: (Chief Judge Richard "Buzz" Bennett) picture above: Frank Malabone, Bernard Nicolas, Buzz Bennett, Yves Letourner, Jami Pillasch, Tamara Koyn, Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Tamara Koyn, one of the Judges at this competition is also the IPC Judges Librarian and produces, after each FCE, video footage which is available to purchase to any wishing to review the event, or train as a judge:  http://www.koyn.com/CloudDancer/2017/17WCWS_Video.html

The #vegasStrong Skydive-TV episode showing the Flag Jumps:

The penultimate episode from Skydive TV (Prize giving to follow)

And the Prizegiving episode