02 Jul 2018

Rankings and World Champions - Where to find them

Day 1 - 1  Monday 2nd July 2018

At the IPC plenary meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in January a new approach to the way in which we collate and keep the Ranking records was adopted.  Instead of solely keeping rankings by NAC's (countries) it was decided to produce a listing of individual rankings (for those disciplines with individual events).  Canopy Piloting being one of them - and now we have Ranking Systems which mean something to competitors.

So if you take a look under the Documents section of the web-site (Documents - IPC - Rankings - 2017-18 - CP) you will find both the Overall rankings and European rankings.- or just pickup on the link.

On these documents we have Cornelia Mihal, UAE  1st Overall with a total of 751 points over 4 years of competition - taking all the 1st Category Events, including the World Air Games and the World Games, second place is Curtis Bartholomew, USA with 738 points and Abdulbart Qubaist, UAE in 3rd place with 657 points.

for the European Rankings - based on the same criteria - we have Cedric Veiga Rios FRA in 1st place and the two Italian brothers in 2nd and 3rd place;  Armondo Fattoruso with 652 points and Mario Fattoruso on 626 points.

In addition to all this our current World Champion (following the World Championships in Farnham, Canada 2016) is Chrstopher Ian Bobo, USA.

We are finalising the competitor listing - see Delegations - as last minute changes are made.  At the moment we have a total of 88 competitors with 87 doing classic CP and 55 registered for Canopy Piloting Freestyle - all could be subject to change until tomorrow evening and the Opening Ceremony.