Red Bull Air Race World Championship

16 Jul 2016

Red Bull Air Race 2016: Rain stops play in Bupadest

Poor weather meant the Red Bull Air Race was cancelled in Budapest, Hungary today, Saturday 16 July. Heavy rain, cloud and wind meant the day was a washout.

Organisers said: “Constant poor weather conditions, including rain and low clouds have forced the Race Committee to cancel all race operations for today including Masters Qualifying. The racetrack over the Danube is no longer safely operational.”

Race Director Jim DiMatteo said: "Safety for the Red Bull Air Race is of the utmost priority … We are very respectful of the fans and pushed really hard to fly today, but we have to be safe.

“And with this much rain, flying just wasn't possible. It's frustrating, the pilots want to compete, and in aviation the weather plays a huge role, but tomorrow they will be ready to race."

Pilot Matthias Dolderer was philosophical. "Unfortunately we can't buy the weather, and if we could, it would be expensive!”

He added that he was looking forward to flying on Sunday. “It's great to be back under the bridge in Budapest, it's a technical track where you're always turning. It will be good to get back in it tomorrow."

Racing in Budapest is now scheduled to start at 12:00 UTC on Sunday 17 July 2016.

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Photo: Zsolt Szigetvary / Red Bull Air Race