02 Nov 2017

The Start of the 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying (WCWF) Overton, Nevada

Thursday, 2nd November 2017 

As we arrived on the Drop Zone this morning the skies were full of Wingsuit Flyers taking advantage of the beautiful blue skies over Overton, Nevada, but this is a World Meet, so by mid-day the clouds arrived -  neither forecast, nor expected!  After lunch however, the skies cleared and the 4th Caravan load of the day took off.  Meanwhile the organisation here at Skydive Fyrosity were putting the finishing touches to the plans for the Opening Ceremony at 16.30 this afternoon.  A Sunset Load is planned as part of that ceremony - to be followed by a Meet and Greet Party from the USPA.

The hopes of the organiser to attract the maximum number of competitiors by allowing entry up until the last minute without charging a later entry fee, unfortunately did not work and we have ended up with less competitors than the prelimanary registration gave us.  In total we have 51 actual competitors.

This World Cup has become the victim of the latest action of the President of the USA.  Due to the decision of the Russian government to dismiss certain individuals from the USA Embassy in Moscow, the USA reacted by refusing to issue Visas to any Russians applying to enter the USA.   Despite strong pleas from the Organiser, USPA and the FAI none of the Wingsuit Performance Flyers from Russia was able to make the journey to participate in this World Cup.  Five competitors will not be here which is sad for them and the competition.  The other competitors were particularly interested in the new Wingsuits that have been developed by one of the Russian riggers and to see them flying here.

The plan is to start with Acobatic Flying in the morning - World Meet weather permitting. Now we prepare for the opening ceremony.