25 Aug 2018

The Style & Accuracy World Championships have begun!

Saturday 25 August 2018:   Just before 07.00hrs as the sun was barely above the horizon the SIKI load took off in the Cessna 206. The 2018 World Championships are underway! The plan is to run Female (Senior and Junior) Accuracy loads onto the DZ, whilst the Male (Senior and Junior) Style rounds will use their designated landing area a couple of kilometres away.

The scores will be available here once a round is completed.

By the end of today's jumping - 14.00 hrs EEST - we had completed 4 rounds of Female Accuracy, both Senior and Junior, with well over 80% of the juniors scoring 7cms and below!  Similarly, the top 40 places in the senior accuracy, none was over 16 cms. In both events, the Chinese girls head the tables.

In the Male Style, again both senior and junior, they managed to get in 1.5 rounds before jumping stopped. Even the highest scoring junior competitor could hold him own against his senior counterpart.

The unceasing stresses and demands made by competitors on the organisers were brushed aside this morning, as the seemingly unflappable Ani Staminova (BUL) packed in 2 DCs back-to-back!  Of course that is the standard demanded at a World competition, but few competitors are subjected to the rigors of being a World Meet organiser at the same time.

This evening we head off into Montana City for the Opening Ceremony.  See you all tomorrow, when the disciplines will be swapped - Male Accuracy (both Senior and Junior) and concurrently, Female Style, again at both levels.