23 Apr 2024

Success for the 2024 FAI Asian and European Championships and World Cup in Indoor Skydiving

The year 2024 marked a momentous occasion for the world of indoor skydiving with a spectacular event in Macau, China. The 1st FAI Asian Indoor Skydiving Championships, the 3rd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships, and the 5th FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving took place from 17 to 21 April, bringing together the world’s best skydivers from 28 countries. With a total of 214 competitors, this gathering of talent showcased the growth and popularity of indoor skydiving on a global scale.

Indoor skydiving disciplines that were contested at the event were:

  • 4-way formation skydiving
  • 4-way vertical formation skydiving
  • Dynamic Flying D2W
  • Dynamic Flying D4W
  • Solo freestyle
  • Solo freestyle Junior

A World-Class Venue and Infrastructure

The stage was set at the Go-Airborne wind tunnel in Macau, China. With its exceptional air flow and state-of-the-art facilities, it is renowned as one of the best wind tunnels in the world. Its infrastructure provided the perfect backdrop for hosting this prestigious event, and the organisers spared no effort in ensuring that the venue was equipped to handle the demands of a world-class meet.

1st FAI Asian Indoor Skydiving Championships

One of the highlights of the event was the inaugural 1st Asian Indoor Skydiving Championships. This competition witnessed a strong turnout from Asian countries, showcasing the talent and passion for the sport within the region.

An Unforgettable Opening and Closing Ceremony

The event kicked off with a wonderful opening ceremony that set the tone for the entire event. The occasion was equally matched by the closing ceremony, both of which were honoured by the presence of FAI Skydiving Commission President, Alberto Martin Paracuellos and FAI Executive Director Andy Chau.

Participants and officials alike were treated with utmost hospitality, creating an environment that fostered the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship.

Widespread excitement

The opening and closing ceremonies, as well as all the competitions, were livestreamed on the internet. This allowed fans from around the world to witness the exhilaration firsthand, regardless of their geographical location, thus further expanding the reach and impact of the event and the sport.

Alberto Martin Paracuellos said:

"I congratulate and thank the organisers for their exceptional efforts in making this event a success. FAI looks forward to witnessing more Asian championships and welcoming an increasing number of competitors to future World Championships."

Maté Feith (HUN) - Solo Freestyle Junior winner | 3rd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships 2024


1st FAI Asian Indoor Skydiving Championships

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open

  1. Qatar      
  2. China 
  3. Indonesia 

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female

  1. China
  2. Indonesia
  3. Singapore

Artistic Events - Indoor Solo Freestyle Junior

  1. Isabelle Koh (SIN)
  2. KeYi Wang (CHN)
  3. Eliza Yang (HKG)

Artistic Events - Indoor Solo Freestyle Open

  1. Kai Minejima Lee (SIN)
  2. Tobias Chaloupka (SIN)
  3. YaKe Li (SIN)

Indoor Skydiving Dynamic 2-way

  1. Singapore 1
  2. Singapore 2
  3. Korea

3rd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Sweden

Formation Skydiving VFS Open

  1. Poland
  2. Italy
  3. Sweden

Artistic Events - Indoor Solo Freestyle Junior

  1. Maté Feith (HUN)
  2. Melania Bociaga (POL)
  3. Malya Jalaguier (FRA)

Artistic Events - Indoor Solo Freestyle Open

  1. Toms Ivans (LAT)
  2. Flavien Poulenard (FRA)
  3. Daphny Morali (ISR)

Indoor Skydiving Dynamic 2-way 

  1. Germany
  2. Spain
  3. France

Photo & video credit: Alberto Martin Paracuellos