06 May 2021

WADA Decision Mondial

We are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that WADA has at last accepted that the Mondial be held in Russia in 2021. You will find the official text below: 

"Having reviewed the information provided by your organization and based thereon, we acknowledge your assessment that it would be legally or practically impossible to withdraw the Event from Russia or to reassign it to another country. Against this background, we do not consider the hosting of the Event in Tanay to be in violation of the Award".

This decision enables us to go ahead with the organisation of the Mondial that, as things stand today, will now be able to take place. 

While awaiting this confirmation, we have been working with the organisers on an acceptable AntiCovid Protocol. This has been reviewed by the FAI Controller and the President of the FAI Medical Commission (CIMP) both of whom are medical doctors. We are now of the opinion that appropriate health and safety measures will be taken during the event. 

We are currently looking with the Organiser, FAI Controller, Meet Director and Chair of the Judges Committee at the feasibility of rescheduling events slightly to minimise the time that competitors need to spend in Russia.

We will be issuing Bulletin 2 with all the updated details by early next week. In the meantime, we encourage you to start the visa application process. Travel arrangements will need to wait until Bulletin 2 is issued.

While confident that the Mondial will be able to take place, we obviously cannot know what last minute decisions will be made at government level in any country in the world between now and then. 

We will try and cover all questions that you may have in Bulletin 2.

We really look forward to seeing as many of your athletes as possible in Russia for what we hope will be a successful and safe Mondial.