09 Oct 2018

We're on tenterhooks for FS 4-Way's Round 6!

Stacked Landing with a touch of Artistic Licence   Photo credit:Jeremy

Tuesday 9th October 2018: With the competition well under our belt, all discplines, other than 4-Way Sequential - are well and truly going well. Despite a bright start weather-wise, we have a watching brief with cloud base which may curtail jumping on an intermittent basis. The weather gods have been kind to us as sun and blue skies blow away the earlier low-cloud frustration.

There are no real surprises for anyone, although anticipation of FS 4-Way's Round 6 is likely to provoke some interesting scores on the basis that the draw is Q-M-F-C-N. Shades of Menselinsk 2010 I think!  Way back then Round 3 saw a smashed ceiling with both France and Russia scoring 56 points and albeit with a different line-up from today, Belgium scored a 55, but didn't end up on the podium. Now in 2018, Russia's position has been replaced by USA and we all know that Belgium has had an enviable track record at the top. Are we likely to see new World Records soon?

There were also 19 4-Way Open teams taking part in 2010 - as there are today . . . . . .   Watch this space!

Elsewhere the Speed competitors now have 4 rounds completed with GB's Charles (Max) Hurd leap-frogging into first place with a flight of 499.7 kmph. Whilst this isn't his personal best, it really is hard to imagine these speeds, but I guess it goes hand-in-hand when we believed the earth to be flat!

As expected we weren't disappointed by the results in FS 4-Way Open's Round 6 and a clear indication came early on when the non-contenders like Brazil and Australia scored 31 and 32 respectively.  The scores were rising for each country and the USA set a new World Record of 60 points, but their glory was short-lived, as 20 minutes later, Belgium smashed that with a 62!  Well deserved Congratulations!

See for yourselves with Skydive TV's presentation!

Not to be outdone, the FS 4-Way Female team from France also produced a blisteringly fast round attaining 58 points, putting them into an unassaible lead with 176 points over GBR's 132.

What a spectacular day all round!