02 Mar 2017

What's Up With The Accuracy Committee?

The Paragliding Accuracy Committee has been slightly modified and it is a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic persons who want to develop this sport.

The committee will try to give all of its members specific areas of responsibility. We are still in the process of doing this but to follow up the discussions at the Plenary meeting we need to continue work on the following topics:

Judging: development of training, better register on judges and their experience. This is under work and Andy Cowley (UK) is taking the lead with a number of experienced judges.

Judging seminars: more information about dates and locations, similar training syllabus at each seminar. At the moment the seminars are planned to be held in the UK in April, just before the start of the World Championships in Albania in May, during the pre-Asian in Thailand and at the pre-Europeans in Slovenia in September. More information about the seminars will be available later here on this website.

Communication with the PGA community: For the moment the committee is using this website as its means of communication. We are waiting for guidelines from the Bureau on using social media. The committee has an email address now so you can reach us here: pga-civl@fai.org.

Scoring software: there is a big need to have a standard CIVL software for scoring. At the moment we are waiting to see what Naviter can develop for paragliding accuracy. The aim in the future is to have a public friendly live scoring system.

Equipment used in Cat 1 competitions: at the moment the committee is gathering information on what is in the market and used at the moment. There is a need to draw up guidelines what type of equipment is up to a quality we need at First Category events.

The World Championships in Albania are approaching fast and we will surely see more countries taking part than even before. There will also be a judging seminar just before the competition start. More information about the seminar will be available later on both on the Championships’ website and here on this website.

We are planning to have a Pilots’ evening during the World Championships in order to inform all who are interested about what is going on within the CIVL when it comes to accuracy, to discuss the development of the sport and to gather your views about the future.

The committee members are: Andy Cowley (UK), Zhang Jun (China), Miklos Onódy (Hungary), Ugljesa Jondzic (Serbia), Andika Mountnear (Indonesia), Dimitar Ralev (Bulgaria), Kamil Konecny (Czech Republic), Matjaz Feraric (Slovenia), Martin Jovanoski (FYR Macedonia), Sándor Kaszás (Hungary), Yoshiki Oka (Japan), Andy Shaw (UK), Louise Joselyn (UK), Zlatko Spirkoski (FYR Macedonia) and Riikka Vilkuna (Sweden, chairman).

Contact: pga-civl@fai.org