3rd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championship

Trasaghis, Udine,

06 Jul
17 Jul 2021
20 May 2020

World PG Aerobatic Postponed To 2021

In agreement with the organisers, the 3rd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championship is postponed to 2021

The organisers, AeC Lega Piloti, wrote:

It’s with true sadness that we had to postpone the championship to 2021. 

Italy has been one of the first European countries which had to face the Coronavirus pandemic. We have lost a lot of friends and beloved and are well aware of the risks of Covid-19.

Since the middle of March, we have been discussing with CIVL about the situation, sharing our different points of view.

Of course, our first thought goes to pilots, to whom we must assure a safe and fair competition. At the moment this wouldn’t be possible. 

Countries locked down in different times and ways; some pilots never stopped flying, some others are not yet allowed and others are coming back to our skies in these days. This situation means that pilots won’t come to our competitions with the same training, arising a problem of safety in the air and fairness.

And, again, we would have had problems organising daily ceremonies, registration, pilots daily checks, briefing with pilots and team leaders, etc. 

Another issue regards economic aspects. We are supported by local, regional and national administration and by private sponsors. But at the moment their money is used to face the disastrous Italian situation and trying to save their investments on our competitions is a very challenging task. 

We will be working with them in the following weeks and months to save their commitments and ensure the quality of our competitions.

This is the reason why at the moment we cannot confirm new dates. We will do it at the latest within the first months of 2021.


Waiting to meet you all, fly high and stay safe.