03 Jun 2005

WPRS Update June 2005

On 1st May CIVL moved to the new ranking system for Paragliding. There are considerable changes and pilots are urged to check their name and ranking. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Accuracy are also updated. PARAGLIDING On 1st May CIVL moved to the new ranking system for Paragliding as well as Hang Gliding. Competitions are no longer deleted after 18 months, but gradually devalue over 3 years. There are bound to be changes to pilots details, please check your rankings and email changes to paula@fai.org. Updates will continue to be made close to the beginning of the month, but the ladder is calculated every 3 months to even out the effect of the Northern and Southern hemisphere seasons. The formulas are available at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/rankings/formulapg/ Added were the Swiss Championships, World Cup Bulgaria, Hapcheon Open Korea, Wintech Mpumalanga Cup, South Brazilian Nationals, as well as from 2004 the Europeans, 5th presidents Cup, Russian Open and Pre World Cup Bourg St Maurice. The following have not been entered as the results have not been received: Portuguese Champs, Greek Nats Mt Kalana, Ivanec Open (Croatia), Polish Open, Staufen Cup, Monteavena-Guarnieri Trophy, BaWu Open, Stranik Open, Abtenau Open, Berchtesgarten Open, Shambala Cup, Slovenian/Austrian Open, Loma Lisa. From 2004 Korean Presidents Cup, Polish Cornizzola Cup, French Deux Alpes, Berga Spanish Open, Gianni Cerroni Open, X Copa Pirineus, Slovak Nationals, and the Loma Bola cannot be added until the sanction fee is paid. The top 10 has changed quite a lot because of the addition of the Europeans. Christian Maurer (SUI) now leads closely followed by Bruce Goldsmith (GBR) in 2nd. Christian Biasi (ITA) is 2 points behind in 3rd and Torsten Siegel leads the Germans in 4th with team mate Achim Joos in 5th. Nikolay Shorokhov (RUS) is 1 point behind in 6th, Paolo Zammarchi (ITA) 1 point behind him in 7th , Jin Oh Kim (KOR) is one more point behind in 8th and tying 9th place is Tomas Brauner (CZE) and Xevi Bonet Dalmau (ESP) In the nations rankings Italy lead, well clear from the Czech Republic, with Germany in 3rd. More details are on the FAI website - http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/rankings/index.php?pkDiscipline=4 Paragliding competitions that qualify for WPRS points are listed on the FAI site; http://events.fai.org/paragliding/calendar.aspHANG GLIDING (Class 1) The Ukranian Open has been added since the last update. I am still waiting for full results from the following competitions: Bavarian open, Eva Menyhardt open, Japan Chamionships, Flytec open, Mt Itajiki Spring Flight, Dell’Isola open. And still missing from 2004 are 1st Sertao Voanda, Greek Nats Mt Kitheron, Mt Timifis and Mt Kozakas, Montana, Portuguese Open, Korean League. Oleg Bondarchuk (UKR) leads, with Mario Alonzi (FRA) 2nd and Gerolf Heinrichs (AUT) in 3rd. The Nations rankings show France in top place, followed by Australia and Austria. Full details of the HG rankings can be found on the FAI website: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/rankings/index.php?pkDiscipline=1 Hang Gliding competitions that qualify for WPRS points are listed on the FAI site; http://events.fai.org/hgpg/civl-calendar.asp CLASS 5 No results have been added. Still not complete are the Flytec Champs, Dell’Isola Open, and the Alpen Open was not valid. Alex Ploner (ITA) leads from compatriot Christian Ciech (ITA) with David Chaumet (FRA) in 3rd. In the nations ranking Italy lead, Austria is 2nd and Germany 3rd. Full details of the Class 5 rankings can be found on the FAI website - http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/rankings/index.php?pkDiscipline=6 Class 5 competitions that qualify for WPRS points are listed on the FAI site; http://events.fai.org/hgpg/civl-calendar.asp PARAGLIDING ACCURACY At next years Plenary there will be a vote whether to adopt the new ranking for Accuracy, as the other disciplines have done. Please contact your delegate to make sure your view is counted. Only the Slovenian Nationals were added and no competitions were deleted. Slovenia still take all top 10 places but with small changes in the order; Matjaz Sluga and Matjaz Feraric stay 1st and 2nd but Jaka Gorenc moves up to 3rd pushing Robi Zupan into 4th. Matej Goste slips a place to 5th while Dusan Gorenc keeps his 6th place to tie with Tone Svoljsak, and Alen Cizej. Frank Unuk drops a place to 9th and Rafael Kerin completes the top 10. The nations ranking stays the same, Slovenia lead, GBR is 2nd and Serbia and Montenegro 3rd. Full details of the PG Accuracy rankings can be found on the FAI website - http://www.fai.org/paragliding/rankings/precision/ Paragliding Accuracy competitions that qualify for WPRS points are listed on the FAI site; http://events.fai.org/paragliding/calendar.asp CLASS 2The Flytec results have not been received yet so are not added. Brian Porter (USA) leads with Mark Mullholland (USA) 2nd, Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) is 3rd and Junko Nakamura (JPN) 4th. Full details at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/rankings/index.php?pkDiscipline=2 Class 2 competitions that qualify for WPRS points are listed on the FAI site; http://events.fai.org/hgpg/civl-calendar.asp