The FAI Drone Racing World Cup concerns the F3U class (Radio Control Multi-rotor FPV Racing)


24 contests (19 different countries) are registered in the FAI Calendar instead of 16 contests (12 countries) in  2017 and 9 contests (7 countries) for 2016.

Note: Click on the link in the first column 'Event' to get all information registered in the FAI database regarding a specific event.





2018 Indonesia Drone Racing World Cup

Bali (Indonesia)

6-8 April


2018 Drone Racing World Cup

Shenzhen (People's Republic of China)

11-13 May


2018 Drone Festival Race

Gdynia (Poland)

19-20 May


2018 Seoul Drone Race World Cup

Seoul (Korea)

25-27 May


2018 Leiria Drone Race World Cup

Leiria (Portugal)

9-10 June


2018 WDR Paris World Cup

Brétigny-sur-Orge (France)

16-17 June


208 Brazil F3U World Cup Drone Racing Brasilia (Brazil) 22-24 June BRA

2018 German Drone World Cup

Nördlingen (Germany)

30 June - 1 July


2018 Cabourg World Cup

Cabourg (France)

30 June - 2 July


2018 International Drone Race Slovakia - Trencin FPV Cup Trencin (Slovakia) 30 June SVK
2018 Jämi FPV Open Jämijärvi (Finland) 21-22 July FIN

2018 Barcelona Drone Racing F3U World Cup

Barcelona (Spain)

21-22 July


2018 FPV Racing World Cup Prilep (Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia) 7-8 July MKD-1

2018 World Cup Russia

Moscow (Russia)

28-29 July


2018 World Cup Latvia Droneracing

Riga (Latvia)

10-12 August


2018 Mitteldeutscher FPV Race Cup

Bitterfeld (Germany)

11-12 August


2018 Daegu Drone Race World Cup

Daegu City (Korea)

24-26 August


2018 Noosphere Race Cup

Dnipro (Ukraine)

25-26 August


2018 SRSA Cup Lausanne (Switzerland) 31 August - 2 September SUI

2018 Royal Adelaide Show FPV

Adelaide (Australia)

7-9 September


2018 F3U World Cup Italy Magreta di Sassuolo near Modena (Italy) 8-9 September ITA

2018 F3U Pam Cup

Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

29-30 September


2018 World Cup Spain - La Rinconada

Seville (Spain)

5-7 October


2018 Phoenix World CupCell►

Prilep (Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia)

13-14 October



435 competitors placed from 37 countries (AUS, AUT, BEL, BLR, BUL, CHN, CRO, CZE, DEN, ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, HKG, HUN, INA, ITA, JPN, KOR, LAT, LTU, LUX, MKD, NED, NOR, POL, POR, RUS, SIN, SLO, SUI, SVK, SWE, THA,TPE, UKR, USA).

Note: It has not been possible to consider the 2017 Kyiv Rotor Club contest (UKR-1) for the World Cup placing because of a rainstorm during the competition which has damaged the server without finally no possibility to restore the datas.

The total World Cup score for each participant is the sum of their best four contest results (numbers of points). For each participant, one contest result per organising country is considered for the World Cup placing (better number of points for any organising country in which he has scored in two contests).

Three juniors are placed in the top 5 which is impressive and shows the ability of the juniors to be very competitive and performant in Drone Racing.





2 HAHN Andreas GER 134
3 GROUT Thomas (Junior) FRA 120
4 ZAMORA CABAÑAS Alejandro (Junior) ESP 118
5 WIELGOSZ Jan (Junior) POL 115

2017 FAI Drone Racing World Cup winner Dario Neuenschwander from Switzerland

for the record - 2016 DRONE RACING World Cup FINAL RANKING AND RESULTS

229 competitors have been placed in the World Cup from 17 countries (AUT, BEL, CZE, DEN, ESP, FRA, GBR, HUN, KOR, NOR, POL, POR, RSA, SLO, SUI, SVK, USA).





1 DELCOMMENE Vincent BEL 114
2 COUTURIER Benoit FRA 110
3 BASTIN Maxime BEL 82

Drone Racing World Cup Award CerEmony - CIAM Plenary Meeting- 28 April 2017 in Lausanne

From left to right: Bruno Delor (1st CIAM Vice-president & FPV Racing Subcommitte Chairman) - Vincent DELCOMMENE (2016 Drone Racing World Cup winner) - Antonis PAPADOPOULOS (CIAM President)

Drone Racing World Cup rules

Points allocation

In a contest, points for the World Cup will only be allocated if the competitors who have completed a flight are from at least two different countries.

The points to be allocated to competitors depend on the number (N) of competitors who have completed at least one flight in the event. Points are allocated to the competitors who have completed at least one flight in the event, according to their placing in the results, as defined in the rules.


Every person who competes in a FAI contest must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence according to FAI general rules. This requirement concerns the competitors (FPV pilot) but not the helper of a FPV pilot.

Note: Regarding delivery of a FAI Sporting Licence, Drone Racing is attached to the discipline 'Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling' (and not to the discipline 'UAV').

In 2016, for the first edition of the World Cup, many competitors participated without getting a FAI Sporting Licence. In those conditions, FAI has considered the need to accommodate the fast growing Drone Racing sport in FAI and help connect to FAI of individuals who get difficulty to obtain an FAI Sporting Licence by their National Airsports Control (NAC). So, the FAI Executive Board has decided in April 2017 that FAI will temporarily issue FAI Drone Permissions to individuals who wish to compete in FAI Drone Racing international events (F3U, class) without a FAI Sporting Licence.

FAI Executive Board has decided in December 2017 to maintain in 2018 the possibility to deliver FAI Drone Permission considering this initiative has allowed newcomers to be connected with FAI events and that recognition of Drone Racing is still not clear for some NAC's.

The individuals have to declare their contact details and nationality/residency. The applicant and the respective NAC will automatically receive a confirmation of such FAI Permission. 

Note: The holder of a valid FAI Sporting Licence for the discipline 'Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling' does not need in addition a FAI Drone Permission.

FAI Secretariat sets a fee of 10 CHF for the listing in the FAI Sporting License database as holder of an FAI Drone Permission. This FAI Drone Permission can be ordered here:

The official reference will be the FAI Sporting Licence database. So, it is strongly recommended that the organizer checks prior to the contest (as soon as a competitor registers for the contest) that each competitor is registered in the FAI Sporting Licence database with a valid licence or permission for the year. Organizers can check that a competitor holds a valid FAI Drone Permission or FAI Sporting License here.  For the password please contact

For any questions, please contact   or +41 21 345 1070 during CET office hours.

Note: If an organizer is finally in the situation where some competitors are present without a valid FAI Sporting Licence (or FAI Permission ), then it is important that they do not compete for the World Cup contest.

FAI Jury

According to FAI Sporting Code Volume ABR paragraph B.4.3, the 3 members of the FAI Jury for an Open International event (including World Cup contests) must be from at least two different nations and have a common language. The FAI Jury must include at least one person approved by his own NAC and the other two members may be assigned by the organizer.

For contests which involve a single class (which is the case of the F3U World Cup contests), one or two jury members may be nominated from the competitors; in that case, an alternate jury member must also be nominated for each competitor jury member, to serve on the jury when considering any protest involving that competitor jury member. The members must be chosen so that at all times the jury meets the requirements of two different nations and common language.

The FAI Jury President must submit a report within one month of the contest. The report signed by the President of the FAI Jury must be transmitted as soon as the contest is finished to the World Cup Coordinator by the organiser (or by the FAI Jury President).

Official results

The official results must be published without delay on the flight site of the event and in any case before the prize-giving.

After the contest, they will be transmitted by the organiser to the World Cup Coordinator as soon as possible and in any case within a month.

On the official results, it is necessary to mention precisely the following information: family name (in capital letters), first name, Junior when appropriate, country which has delivered the FAI sporting Licence and  FAI Licence ID Number (as mentioned in the FAI Sporting Licence database).

Note: In Drone Racing, many competitors use a pseudo. So, the organizer must take care to get for the results their first name and family name (last name) as they are mentioned on their FAI Sporting Licence.


The winner is awarded the title of the winner of the World Cup.

The top three best placed of the World Cup receive a FAI medal and a FAI diploma which are delivered during the CIAM Plenary Meeting of the following year (usually in April in Lausanne / Switzerland).

Tthe winner is also awarded the FAI Drone Racing World Cup trophy which is a permanent CIAM trophy donated by Fédération Française d'AéromoModélisme (FFAM).

World Cup coordinator

Bruno DELOR -