At the 1996 plenary meeting, the CIA decided to publish and save for the future, information and data about historic events, performances and achievements. This is the fourth published draft for your consideration. The intention is to publish the list on Internet and also make the list available to the general public in written form. The information is contained in a database, at present in ACCESS 2002.

To keep the size down to a suitable level, the information is brief, but for each entry sources are included for further study.

For the first years, all known trials and flights are included. After 1785, only selected flights and events are included.

The information is divided in two sections. First a chronological section, chapters 1-12, containing all information in the database for each entry. Then a thematic section, chapters A-U, with selected information on different types of flights and events.

World records are listed only if they constitute an additional achievement. The intention is to publish old world records in a separate document. Instead, first flights of almost any kind are included and also some curiosities. Please feel free to comment on this policy.

Please send any comments, suggestions, corrections and proposals for additions to Hans Akerstedt (E-mail: