FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)


 *****  Due to the Coronovirus situation and the restrictions applied almost everywhere, for the World or Continental Championships, CIAM Bureau will evaluate together with every organizer the conditions and there are going to be announcements for each one event after this process.  

For the same reason, CIAM Bureau decided to suspend World Cup ranking until May 10. CIAM Bureau will meet before the scheduled CIAM Plenary, will evaluate the situation and will decide accordingly.

We are kindly asking the organizers to contact either the S/C chairmen or even better the World Cup coordinators and acknowledge any changes.

The published calendar will be updated after May 10, 2021. *****                                                                  

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FAI World and continental championships (CAT.1)

30 Jul
06 Aug 2021
POSTPONED - 2025 FAI F3CN World Championships for Model Helicopters

Other FAI-Sanctioned events (CAT.2)

14 Oct
17 Oct 2021
2021 F3C World Cup postponed