ratified - superseded since approved
G (Parachuting)
G-2 (Performance Records)
Large Formation Sequential Records - Formation Skydiving
Type of record 
2 formations
82 skydivers
08 Aug 2013
Course / Location 
Korobcheevo (Russia)
Vitaly Antoshin (Russian Federation), 0leg Artemyev (Russian Federation), Vladimir Arutyunov (Russian Federation), Victor Baiborodin (Russian Federation), Sergey Bembeev (Russian Federation), Alexander Valeryevich Beskrovniy (Russian Federation), Oleg Boykhov (Russian Federation), Dmitry Yurievich Buynikov (Russian Federation), Valentin Buynikov (Russian Federation), Alexey Cherkas (Russian Federation), Maxim Chumak (Russian Federation), Egor Davydkin (Russian Federation), Dmitry Denisko (Russian Federation), Oksana Dubovic (Russian Federation), Alexander Valeryevich Dvinyaninov (Russian Federation), Mikhail Dyagilev (Russian Federation), Alexander Emeliyanov (Russian Federation), Svetlana Evdokimova (Russian Federation), Roman Fiodorov (Russian Federation), Sergey Vladimirovich Fomenko (Russian Federation), Pavel Galchenko (Russian Federation), Vitaly Bayazetovich Giniyatov (Russian Federation), Andrey Golubev (Russian Federation), Elena Vasilyevna Goncharova (Russian Federation), Sergey Gorbatov (Russian Federation), Valery Gredasov (Russian Federation), Alexander Grigoriev (Russian Federation), Sergey Grishchenko (Russian Federation), Vladimir Gudko (Russian Federation), Sergey Gudkov (Russian Federation), Roman Ivanishin (Russian Federation), Pavel Ivanov (Russian Federation), Mansour Kaneev (Russian Federation), Oleg Akmalievich Karpov (Russian Federation), Nail Khiyamov (Russian Federation), Sergey Khomuk (Russian Federation), Andrey Khvostov (Russian Federation), Maria Kononova (Russian Federation), Evgeniya Korzhova (Russian Federation), Sergey Nikolayevich Krasnikov (Russian Federation), Victor Anatolievich Kravtsov (Russian Federation), Valeriy Kryshevich (Russian Federation), Anton Kurochkin (Russian Federation), Anna Gennadievna Linkova (Russian Federation), Vladimir Lyashev (Russian Federation), Igor Mineev (Russian Federation), Igor Muravyev (Russian Federation), Denis Vyacheslavovich Myachenkov (Russian Federation), Denis Navarnov (Russian Federation), Irina Nelidovskaya (Russian Federation), Igor Alexandrovich Nikitenko (Russian Federation), Vitaly Omelchenko (Russian Federation), Oleg Osipov (Russian Federation), Sergey Pachkolin (Russian Federation), Sergey Parshin (Russian Federation), Alexei Pligin (Russian Federation), Alexey Pokhvaleev (Russian Federation), Alexander Vladimirovich Potapov (Russian Federation), Vladimir Potatuev (Russian Federation), Eugeniy Pushkin (Russian Federation), Sergey Razomazov (Russian Federation), Alexey Vladimirovich Reznikov (Russian Federation), Daria Ryabinina (Russian Federation), Evgeny Safronkin (Russian Federation), Vladislav Saveliev (Russian Federation), Sergey Viktorovich Sergeev (Russian Federation), Sergey Alekseevich Sergienko (Russian Federation), Eugene Shmakov (Russian Federation), Sergei Shubin (Russian Federation), Nataliya Simonenko (Russian Federation), Dmitry Sonin (Russian Federation), Sergey Starostin (Russian Federation), Timur Sukovattsev (Russian Federation), Marina Teslenko (Russian Federation), Alexey Vadimovich Tikhomirov (Russian Federation), Andrey Tolbatov (Russian Federation), Vasil Fanusovich Urazmetov (Russian Federation), Peter Utrivanov (Russian Federation), Konstantin Voloschuk (Russian Federation), Andrey Voronin (Russian Federation), Sergey Yalpaev (Russian Federation), Valery zaychenko (Russian Federation)
Type of engine 
_unknown engine
_unknown aircraft