ratified - retired by changes of the sporting code
G (Parachuting)
G-2 (Performance Records)
Large Formation Sequential Records - Formation Skydiving
Type of record 
3 formations
114 skydivers
19 Aug 2017
Course / Location 
Kolomna (Russia)
Vasily Svyatoslavovich Abrashkin (Russian Federation), Igor Ivanovich Andreev (Russian Federation), Vladimir Gurgenovich Arutyunov (Russian Federation), Mikhail Vitalevich Babinin (Russian Federation), Mikhail Viktorovich Baranov (Russian Federation), Igor Vyacheslavovich Basov (Russian Federation), Sergey Valentinovich Bederov (Russian Federation), Sergey Sergeevich Bembeev (Russian Federation), Alexander Valeryevich Beskrovniy (Russian Federation), Pavel Viktorovich Biryukov (Russian Federation), Polina Ivanovna Bobyleva (Russian Federation), Dmitry Yurievich Buynikov (Russian Federation), Valentin Dmitrievich Buynikov (Russian Federation), Alexey Sergeevich Chertov (Russian Federation), Vitaly Igorevich Denisov (Russian Federation), Darya Yuryevna Denisova (Russian Federation), Konstantin Ignasovich Dulke (Russian Federation), Alexander Valeryevich Dvinyaninov (Russian Federation), Roman Alexandrovich Fedorov (Russian Federation), Natalia Borisovna Fedulova (Russian Federation), Vasily Sergeevich Fefilov (Russian Federation), Sergey Vladimirovich Fomenko (Russian Federation), Alexey Nikolaevich Fomin (Russian Federation), Dmitry Vadimovich Galuza (Russian Federation), Alexey Vyacheslavovich Gashchenko (Russian Federation), Evgeny Evgenievich Gil (Russian Federation), Anton Vladimirovich Gilev (Russian Federation), Vitaly Bayazetovich Giniyatov (Russian Federation), Stanislav Vitalievich Golovkin (Russian Federation), Elena Vasilyevna Goncharova (Russian Federation), Yaroslav Vladimirovich Grechkin (Russian Federation), Sergey Ivanovich Grishenko (Russian Federation), Vladislav Aleksandrovich Grishin (Russian Federation), Mikhail Alekseevich Il'in (Russian Federation), Olesya Vasilyevna Kalmykova (Russian Federation), Oleg Akmalievich Karpov (Russian Federation), Alexey Anatolyevich Kastornov (Russian Federation), Svetlana Vasilyevna Kireeva (Russian Federation), Svetlana Alekseevna Klimenko (Russian Federation), Mikhail Konstantinovich Kochetkov (Russian Federation), Maksim Aleksandrovich Koksharev (Russian Federation), Ruslan Borisovich Koksheev (Russian Federation), Pavel Aleksandrovich Komarov (Russian Federation), Stanislav Petrovich Kopylov (Russian Federation), Danil Sergeevich Kosourov (Russian Federation), Evgeny Mikhailovich Kozlov (Russian Federation), Nataliya Vladimirovna Kozlova (Russian Federation), Evgeny Sergeevich Kozobrodov (Russian Federation), Sergey Nikolayevich Krasnikov (Russian Federation), Victor Anatolievich Kravtsov (Russian Federation), Sergey Alexandrovich Krylov (Russian Federation), Valery Georgievih Krylov (Russian Federation), Olga Mikhaylovna Kuksina (Russian Federation), Oleg Sergeevich Kunitsyn (Russian Federation), Sergey Vasilievich Kurokhtin (Russian Federation), Alexander Vladimirovich Kuzmenko (Russian Federation), Vera Alexeevna Kuznetsova (Russian Federation), Vitaly Evgenevich Leshchenko (Russian Federation), Alexey Alexandrovich Lichmanov (Russian Federation), Alexander Valerevich Linnik (Russian Federation), Alexander Nikolayevich Lysenko (Russian Federation), Andrey Viktorovich Lyskov (Russian Federation), Darya Vladislavovna Malysheva (Russian Federation), Sergey Vladimirovich Medvedev (Russian Federation), Mikhail Yurievich Mikhailov (Russian Federation), Sergey Vladilenovich Mileev (Russian Federation), Svetlana Igorevna Miller (Russian Federation), Alexey Petrovich Minaev (Russian Federation), Sergey Alexeevich Moiseenko (Russian Federation), Aleksey Aleksandrovich Moiseenko (Russian Federation), Eduard Rinatovich Mulayev (Russian Federation), Denis Vyacheslavovich Myachenkov (Russian Federation), Sergey Valeryevich Mylnikov (Russian Federation), Alexander Pavlovich Navarko (Russian Federation), Igor Alexandrovich Nikitenko (Russian Federation), Sergey Vladimirovich Pachkolin (Russian Federation), Vladimir Petrovich Pavlenko (Russian Federation), Evgeny Yuryevich Pavlov (Russian Federation), Alexander Vladimirovich Potapov (Russian Federation), Dmitry Alekseevich Pryakhin (Russian Federation), Alexey Vladimirovich Reznikov (Russian Federation), Elena Konstantinovna Rudenko (Russian Federation), Igor Nikolayevich Sai (Russian Federation), Maria Olegovna Samuseva (Russian Federation), Svetlana Aleksandrovna Selivanova (Russian Federation), Sergey Viktorovich Sergeev (Russian Federation), Lyubov Aleksandrovna Sergeeva (Russian Federation), Sergey Alekseevich Sergienko (Russian Federation), Anton Vladimirovich Shelogurov (Russian Federation), Sergey Borisovich Shenin (Russian Federation), Dmitry Vladimirovich Sheremet (Russian Federation), Yulia Alexandrovna Shuvalova (Russian Federation), Sergey Alexandrovich Skryabin (Russian Federation), Ekaterina Alexandrovna Sokolova (Russian Federation), Nadezhda Vasilyevna Soloveva (Russian Federation), Ekaterina Yuryevna Taldonova (Russian Federation), Dmitry Vladimirovich Taranov (Russian Federation), Alexey Vadimovich Tikhomirov (Russian Federation), Grigory Vladimirovich Titov (Russian Federation), Denis Alexandrovich Tour (Russian Federation), Vyacheslav Sergeevich Trusov (Russian Federation), Pavel Evgenyevich Tsarev (Russian Federation), Uliana Alexandrovna Tsvetkova (Russian Federation), Roman Sergeevich Tsybin (Russian Federation), Ashot Robertovich Tumasyan (Russian Federation), Vasil Fanusovich Urazmetov (Russian Federation), Dmitry Mikhailovich Uspensky (Russian Federation), Georgy Viktorovich Utkin (Russian Federation), Konstantin Vladimirovich Voloshchuk (Russian Federation), Sergey Konstantinovich Voskresensky (Russian Federation), Sergey Victorovich Yalpayev (Russian Federation), Alexander Vasilievich Yemelyanov (Russian Federation), Dmitry Anatolevich Zhdanov (Russian Federation)