Online competition - Ranking list

Congratulations for all participants of the 2023 FAI Rookie Postal!

First of all thank you all for having fun with aviation, we hope this experience will spark more interest for aviation!
And now the final ranking.....Big congrats to the top 3 of the indoor and outdoor ranking!
The full list can be found here: 2023 rankings

The winners will receive a special certificate and of course a price from you soon will receive a message from us!
Number 1 can choose between the CX RES Mini, CX Fling or the 2 meter 2M RES/F3L kit from
Number 2 and 3 can choose between a CX RES Mini kit or a CX Fling kit from, the choice is yours!

2024 Rookie competition is ON!!

FAI Rookie Project, Share the fun!

Vincent Merlijn,

Official Ranking:
All aged under 15 years.

2024 Outdoor

Position Name Age Time (sec) Country Supervisor
1 Julia 8 135 Sweden Erik Lundborg
2 Loke 12 62 Sweden Erik Lundborg
3 Olof 8 56 Sweden Jimmy Nyberg
4 Leo 11 53 Sweden Erik Lundborg

2024 INdoor

Position Name Age Time (sec) Country Supervisor