FAI International Drones Conference and Expo

Lexie Janson


Lexie Janson is a UAV pilot and educator who studied architecture and engineering at university and works as a programmer. Since discovering FPV in January 2015, her passion lies in educating and sharing FPVs with a wider audience. Since May 2015 Lexie has been a guest speaker for Intel, Hackerspace, Geek Girls Carrots and Women in Tech amongst others. During 2016 she started to participate in multiple drone races and events, gaining 2nd place in Freestyle at the FAI Ukraine race, and 4th place in IDSC Korea in 2017 and in 2018 achieving 8th place in the Southern German Drone Race out of 120 pilots (the first time in German history that a female pilot reached the semi-finals). Recognising her work in the community, she was awarded with the “Women to watch in UAS” prize in the Emerging category in “WomenAndDrones” and “Drone360”. In 2018 Lexie Janson began working with the FAI subcommittee, regularly attending events across the globe and reporting on her YouTube channel – MaionHigh.