Every person who competes in a FAI contest must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence, as per FAI general rules. This is a requirement for competitors (FPV pilots), but not the pilots' helpers.

Note: For FAI Sporting Licence applications, Drone Racing is attached to the discipline 'Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling' (not 'UAV').

Many competitors participated in the first World Cup in 2016 without getting a FAI Sporting Licence. This was because the FAI recognised the need to accommodate the fast-growing sport of Drone Racing and help those pilots who found it difficult to obtain an FAI Sporting Licence via their National Airsports Control (NAC). To this end, the FAI continues to temporarily issue FAI Drone Permissions to individuals who wish to compete in FAI Drone Racing international events (F3U class) without a FAI Sporting Licence.

The individuals concerned MUST declare their contact details and nationality/residency. The applicant and his or her NAC will automatically receive a confirmation of FAI Permissions given in this way. 

Note: The holder of a valid FAI Sporting Licence for the discipline 'Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling' does not need an FAI Drone Permission to compete.

FAI Drone Permissions can be ordered here: https://droneracing.aero. There is a fee of 10 CHF to be listed on the FAI Sporting License database as the holder of an FAI Drone Permission. 

Event organisers are advised to check prior to a contest (as soon as a competitor registers) that each competitor is registered on the FAI Sporting Licence database as the holder of a valid Licence or Permission. Organisers can check that a competitor holds a valid FAI Drone Permission or FAI Sporting License here.  For the password please contact it@fai.org

For any questions, please contact drones@fai.org   or +41 21 345 1070 during CET office hours.

Note: If an organiser is aware of competitors who do not hold a valid FAI Sporting Licence (or FAI Permission), those pilots must not be allowed to compete in a World Cup contest.