The 2022 Plenary of the ISC is scheduled to be held during the last week of January in Bucharest, Romania.   With the  uncertainty associaed with travel restrictions due to the Covid situation, it was decided that the Plenary be a "Hybrid" style, with both physical and e-meeting.  To facilitate social distancing, but also to ensure fair representation, physical presence will be limited to three people - the Delegate, Alternate Delegate and one other person , who must be a member of a Committee.

The Open meetings will be run at set times on Wednesday and Thursday, the 26th and 27th, and the Plenary will be held over three days from the 28th to the 30th of January.  (Meeting times will be advertised at a later date.)  Closed meetings will also be held at times set in advance so members not physically present can connect via zoom or another communication tool if they so wish.

Voting, including elections, will be managed using the FAI supported voting system or by raised hand on zoom.   Nominations for the Bureau will also be done electronically using a survey tool supported by the FAI.

Entry requirements to Romania must be respected and the hotel also requires proof of vaccination or a valid PCR test for entry.  PCR tests will be available for those who require them to return home, but will be at your own expense.   ISC cannot be held responsible either to participants who choose to travel or to the organiser for any financial loss or personal inconvenience caused due to holding the meeting in this way, including if the physical meeting is cancelled for any legal reason or travel to Romania becomes impossible.   It is highly recommended to have full travel insurance covering risks linked to covid as well as the usual conditions..

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Romania and the rest of you on-line.

To view Bulletin 1, please click here:  2022 ISC Plenary, Bucharest

For the Resgistration form, please click here:  2022 ISC Plenary Registration Form