FAI Secretariat

The FAI Secretariat is responsible for the day to day operations of FAI. The administrative staff is headed by the Secretary General.

Maison du Sport International
Av. de Rhodanie 54
CH-1007 - Lausanne

Telephone : +41 21 345 1070
Fax : +41 21 345 1077

Those of you who wish to communicate with the FAI Secretariat via e-mail are invited to use our contact form.

FAI Secretariat Staffing

Duties and responsibilities of the Secretary General and the Secretariat are laid down in chapter 8 of the FAI Statutes.

Markus Haggeney - Secretary General

  • Managing Director of the FAI under the authority of the EB
  • A non-voting member of the EB
  • Responsible for the day to day executive and administrative functions of the FAI
  • Monitoring and controlling projects carried out by FAI centrally
  • Coordinating relations with governments and with other international organisations

Sports & Events

Christine Rousson - Competitions Manager, Record Officer

  • Support to Event Organisers (Organiser Agreements, documents, medals, diploma)
  • FAI Sporting calendar
  • Competition results
  • World and continental records


Faustine Carrera - Communication Manager

  • Communications strategy
  • FAI branding / logos
  • Media and public relations (press releases, social networks, publications, media, etc)
  • TV production and distribution
  • Website


Visa-Matti Leinikki - IT Manager

  • Management of IT infrastructure / software
  • IT Development and maintenance
  • World and continental Records
  • FAI Sporting Licences in cases where they are issued by FAI Secretariat according to FAI Sporting Code General Section

Members and Commissions

Kamila Vokoun Hájková - Members and Commissions Relations Manager, Anti-Doping Manager

  • Management and support of FAI Membership
  • Support for FAI Commissions and their liaison with FAI Members
  • Management of Awards
  • Coordination of the FAI Prevention Programme (Anti-Doping, Integrity, Safeguarding)

Finance and Administration

Shivani Hasija - Finance & Administrative Officer

  • Management of FAI accounting (reconciling outgoing and incoming payments)
  • Maintenance of cost centers and ensuring financial reporting
  • Administrative support to FAI stakeholders

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