2024 ISC Plenary - A.Berchtold2024 ISC Plenary - Museum site tourThe Annual Plenary Meeting of the International Skydiving Commission (ISC) wrapped up on February 4th, after a non-stop week of meetings, discussions and collaborations with participants from 31 Nations and 10 countries represented by Proxy.   Albert Berchtold, Executive Director of the United States Parachute Association, and his staff, did an outstanding job of organising not only the spaces and equipment necessary to support the meetings, but they also arranged lunch and evening get-togethers so the delegations could connect socially to network and exchange ideas.   A big thank you goes out to the Sponsors for making this happen. 
International Skydiving Museum tour

A highlight of the week was a tour of the site of the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fame and adjacent Wingsuit Tunnel.  A spectacular display was put on by the Museum’s Demo Team, followed by a welcome reception and presentation of what the vision of the museum will be.  

This was the 74th m2024 ISC Plenary - Skydiving for Disabled Committeeeeting of the ISC Plenary and each year there are more advancements in our sport:  in technology, inclusiveness and the introduction of new events.  It is impressive and mind boggling how equipment, flying skills and innovation have progressed throughout the years and this year was no exception as some new projects were presented.  This past year the Technical and Safety Committee have begun work on creating a digital COP (Certificate of Proficiency) and a Medical Protocol.    The newly formed Skydiving for Disabled Committee is working on establishing ISC rules for their tunnel-based “Handifly” event and Scoring Systems Providers are continuing to update and adapt their systems.  Several Committees are introducing new events – the Dynamic Committee introduced the Solo Speed event, the Style and Accuracy Committee is considering a revised style event (to be introduced next year), and the Canopy Piloting Committee developed an alternative “distance” event.  Also, several committees are adjusting the composition of delegations to encourage inclusivity.

2024 ISC Plenary - Meeting Room2024 ISC PlenaryOf course, the plenary is where proposed Competition Rule Changes are approved, and Bids for future competitions are accepted.   Most of the rules take effect on March 1st and can be found on the ISC Website.   Competitions in 2024 will be held in Macau (Indoor), Beaufort NC, USA (FS, AE, SP, WS), Prostejov, Czech Republic (S&A, CF), and Pretoria, South Africa (CP).    In 2025, bids were approved for Raeford NC, USA (Indoor FS), Charlerois, Belgium (Indoor AE/DY), Teuge, Netherlands (FS, AE), Austria (SP), and Eloy AZ, USA (CP).

Finally, electionISC Bureau 2022-2024s for a new ISC Bureau were held.   Stepping down after many years of service were Gill Rayner - ISC President, Elisabet Mikaelsson – 1st Vice President and Gail Bradley – Finance Secretary.   The ISC thanks them for their dedication and service over the years.  

ISC Bureau, 2024-2026 The members of the incoming Bureau are:  Alberto Martin Paracuellos – newly elected President, Rina Gallo has moved into the 1st Vice President position, Jim Rees remains Vice President, Omar Alhegelan was elected as Vice President, Tash Higman as Finance Secretary and Vera Asquith remains the Recording Secretary.  Good luck to the new ISC Bureau.   

ISC Plenary


See you in Rome, Italy for the 75th ISC Plenary Meeting.   



Photo Credits::  USPA, Samantha Gibson (Skydiving Museum), Kristian Moxnes, Pasi Pirttikoski