28 Mar 2022

1st Allocation of 4th Asian PGA is published

The first allocation of the 4th FAI Asian Paragliding accuracy championships is published on both FAI and the competition website.

As of March 28, 50 pilots in total were allocated - 44 from Asian Championships and 6 guest pilots.

The countries which pilots were allocated for Asian Championships are:

Kazakhstan            9
Korea                   17
Japan                     8
Mongolia                5
India                      1
Saudi Arabia          2
Iran                        1
FAI (Kyrgyzstan)    1
Uzbekistan             0*

* Uzbekistan has 2 pilots registered but since they are not fully eligible and have not yet requested an exemption, none of them are allocated.

We remind the NACs that it is high time to make the payments and provide the organizers with the TEAM declaration letters.

NACs are free to change team pilots up to the first competition day. The change of pilots shall be sent to the competition organizer email.

Registration is still ongoing. Pilots are welcome to register ASAP. If their qualifications are not fully eligible or they originate from a non FAI country they are welcome to provide an exemption request letter (in Downloads on the competition website).


UPD the 1st allocation was updated on April 1, 2022.

Now there are 64 pilots from 14 nations

Kazakhstan    13
Thailand    6
Korea    18
Japan    8
Mongolia    5
India    1
Saudi Arabia    2
Iran    2
Uzbekistan    0
Bahrein    1
Kyrgyzstan (non FAI)    2

Guest Nations    
Serbia    3
Canada    1
Czech Republic    1
Albania    1


1st allocation list

Competition website