11 Mar 2019

1st Interim Bureau Decision 2019 - & Competition Rules

Monday 11th March 2019

The Wingsuit committee appealed to the Bureau to issue an Interim Bureau Decision with regard to a rule change agreed at the Pleary 2019 in Lille.  As sometimes happens when changes are made the repurcussions of that proposed change are not always immediately obvious, and this was that type of case.  Our Bureau decided that the request made good sense and so approved it.  This means that the Wingsuit Committee can now finalise their Competition Rules for 2019.  These will now be issued very shortly - and join the other Competition Rules, those that took effect from March 1 2019 and those (Indoor related) that will take effect for May 1 2019.  All the Competition Rules, Sporting Code Section 5, Jury Handbook and Internal Regulations are all published on this site under Documents/IPC/Sporting Code (etc).   The Dynamic Competition Rules are with the FAI and will be published as soon as possible.

IBD 01/2019 - click on the link or follow the menu from Organisation/Documents/Interim Bureau Decisions/Inteim Bureau Decisions 2019