12 Oct 2018

The 2018 World Parachuting Championships Conclude

The Manifest girls celebrate after the last call of the Meet!

Friday 12th October 2018:  With only 15 more aircraft loads required to complete the competition there was another early call for the jump-off between Russia and Qatar for 1st place in 4-Way Rotation.  Ultimately Russia took the Championship title by 1 point.

Elsewhere, with a watching brief on the cloud base, the FS 8-Way teams were making their final jumps - not to forget the conclusion of Round 10 of FS 4-Way Open. We already had the tensions rise and fall yesterday with the weather interruptions that ended up postponing the deciding round Belgium and USA.

On the last day of the competition the dualling giants took to the skies with equal resolve and total sportsmanship. Belgium, the World Champions of 2014 and 2016 made it a hat-trick in 2018 with their 22 point jump over USA's 20! Congratulations all round!

Of course no World Championships are complete without the appearance of the FUN FLAG, seen here being proudly displayed by the FS Judges Zeljko Tanaskovic (Chief Judge), Vera Asquith and Thierry Courtin.

The complete list of World Champions and Medallsts are as follows:

Speed Skydiving

Gold Medal and World Champion:  Germany, Thomas Friess

Silver Medal:  Australia, Shane Turner

Bronze Medal:  Great Britain, Charles Hurd

Freefly Skydiving

Gold Medal and World Champions: France - Gregory Crozier, Karine Joly, Baptiste Welsch

Silver Medal:  France - Yohann Aby, Vincent Cotte,  Jean Marie Gares

Bronze Medal : Norway - Andreas Mosling, Anna Moxnes, Petter Stensvold

Freestyle Skydiving

Gold Medal and World Champions: France - Loic Perrouin,  Pierre Rebuel

Silver Medal:  Great Britain - Dave Pacey, Alabama Shanker

Bronze Medal USA: Jason Brigmon, Josiah Rich

4-Way Rotation

Gold Medal and World Champions: Russia - Victor Luka, Ivan Mylchenko, Oleg Oleinikov, Nikolay Osenchuk, Andrei Kalinin

Silver Medal: Qatar - Ahmad Abdulaziz, Abdulla Al-Ali, Saeed Al-Kuwari, Saleh Al-Kuwari, Hassan Al-Malki, Abdulla Al-Raeesi

Bronze Medal: USA - Steven Archuletta, Taylor Cole, Eric Gallan, Sean Jones, Will Kitto

4-Way Sequential

Gold Medal and World Champions: Qatar - Mansoor Al-Karbi, Ali Al-Marri,  Ali Al-Marri, Obaid Al-marri, Rashid Al-Naemi, Abdulnasser Jaaran

Silver Medal: Russia - Alexander Leonov, Stanislav Murashkin, Alexander Naumov, Valery Rubtsov, Aleksei Rybak, Kirill Tyupanov

Bronze Medal: Australia - Craig Bennett, Scott Brown, Richie Dronow, Jules McConnel, Stephen Tonson (vid)

2-Way Sequential

Gold Medal and World Champions: France - Guillaume Dubois, David Huet, Alexandra Petitjean, Rodolphe Pourcelot

Silver Medal: Qatar - Abdulaziz Al-Abdulla, Jassim Al-Buainain, Salman Al-Sharshani, Khalifa Alyafei

Bronze Medal: France - Adrien Merlen, Benoit Baeckeroot, Magali Belgodere

4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving

Gold Medal and World Champions: USA - Dustin Hanks, Jake Jensen, Rook Nelson, Michael Jason Russell, Stephanie Strange

Silver Medal: Canada - Benoit Lemay, Martin Lemay, Vincent Lemay, Jean-Christophe Ouimet,

Jean- Sebastien Vadeboncoeur

Bronze Medal: Australia - Kyle Chick, Jimmy Cooper, Mark Gazley, Tim Golsby-Smith, Scott Hiscoe

4-Way Female

Gold Medal and World Champions: France - Gaelle Giesen, Clementine Le Bohec, Pamela Lissajoux, Christine Malnis, Michel Laynaud, Sophia Pecout

Silver Medal: Great Britain - Vana Parker, Catherine Anderson, Anna Hicks, Sian Stokes, Simon Brentford

Bronze Medal: Sweden - Bodil Almberg, Lena Erlandsson, Johanna Forslund, Katarina Sonnevi, Tobias Forslund

4-Way Open

Gold Medal and World Champions: Belgium - Andy Grauwels, David Grauwels, Jeroen Nollet, Dennis Praet, Luc Vanbritsom

Silver Medal: USA - David French, Thiago Gomes, Niklas Hemlin, Mikhail Markine, Ari Pereiman

Bronze Medal: France - Laurence Fugen, Danien Gouriou, Kevin Mansion, David Ricard, Charles Rommel


Gold Medal and World Champions: USA - Justin Blewitt, Joe Bradshaw, Jonathan Clevenger, Joshua Coleman, Jennifer Davidson, Matt Davidson, David Flynn, Jeshua Stahler, Andrew Starr, Sean Sweeney

Silver Medal: Russia - Andrey Barabash, Balentin Illin, Kirill Kirillov, Basily Korotkov, Alexey Minaev, Vladimir Pavlenko, Dmitry Samokhval, Andrey Seliverstov, Evgeny Stashchenko, Alexander Tychinskiy, Sergey Yalpaev

Bronze Medal: Qatar - Khalifa Al-Ali, Saad Al-Ali, Belal Alebbi, Adulla Al-Hammadi, Yousuf Al-Janahi, Ghanim Alkubaisi, Saeed Almarri, A-Aziz Al-Motawa,  Salem Al-Senaid, Abdulla Salem, Mohammed Shams