13 Sep 2022

2022 FAI F2ABCD World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft, Poland

This August, the FAI F2 World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft took place in Włocławek, Poland, with A, B, C and D categories in both Junior and Senior, with Female contests in B, C and D. Between 23-56 pilots competed in each category.

  • F2A (CL Speed)
  • F2B (CL Aerobatics)
  • F2C (CL Team Racing)
  • F2D (CL Combat)

2022 FAI F2ABCD World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft

Control Line is the second oldest competition class, having been included by the FAI at World Championship level in 1960. The aircraft can fly level or climb and dive, performing manoeuvres about the horizontal axis through the wing, with the pilot at the centre of rotation. Discover more about Control Line.

2022 FAI F2ABCD World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft

Final Results

F2A - Speed Model Aircraft
1st:   Alexander Valishev    USA
2nd:  Ivan Valishev             USA 
3rd:  Luca Grossi                ITA

F2A, Speed Model Aircaft - Junior
1st:  Ivan Valishev            USA  
2nd: Kacper Walania        POL
3rd:  Makar Pobyipech     UKR

F2A, Speed Model Aircraft - Team
1st:  USA
2nd: Hungary
3rd:  Ukraine

F2B - Aerobatics
1st:   Igor Burger                SVK
2nd:  Zbynek Kravcik         CZE
3rd:   Orestes Hernandez  USA F2B,

Aerobatics - Junior
1st:   Letong Xu              CHN
2nd:  Patrik Dolobac       SVK  
3rd:   Marek Rakowski    POL 

F2B, Aerobatics - Female
1st:   Silvia Fiussello               ITA
2nd:  Nandintsetseg Nomin    MGL 
3rd:   Joanna Rakowski          POL

F2B, Aerobatics - Team
1st:   Slovakia
2nd:  Poland
3rd:  Czech Republic

F2C - Team Racing
1st:    Volodymyr Makarenko / Ihor Osadchyi                UKR
2nd:   Pascal Surugue / Georges Surugue                    FRA
3rd:    Kevin Wei Kee Su / Kim Sun Christopher Wee   SIN

F2C, Team Racing - Junior
1st:   Nikolay Palezhev / Volkan Hasan                BUL
2nd:  Stanislav Panchenko / Volodymir Chaika    UKR
3rd:   Jakub Gluszek / Tomasz Sokolowski           POL

F2C, Team Racing - Female
1st:   Joanna Stoll / Julia Lesiuk                     POL
2nd:  Aleksandra Ivanova / Yoana Ivanova    BUL

F2C, Team Racing - Team
1st:   Ukraine
2nd:  France
3rd:  Poland

F2D - Combat
1st:   Jussi Forss             FIN
2nd:  Audrius Rastenis    LTU
3rd:   Igor Dementiev       MDA 

F2D, Combat - Junior
1st:   Ivan Chornyy     UKR 
2nd:  Mihael Vasilev   BUL 
3rd:   Tomas Rimsa    LTU 

F2D, Combat - Female
1st:   Natalia Dementieva    DEN
2nd:  Laura Leino                FIN  
3rd:   Liudmyla Rediuk        UKR

F2D, Combat - Team
1st:   Spain 
2nd:  Finland
3rd:   Denmark

2022 FAI F2ABCD World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft

Images: Bogdan Wierzba, Rytis Kalinauskas