02 Oct 2021

2022 Plenary: Belgrade, January 27 to 30!

The 2022 plenary will take part in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Crowne hotel, from January 27 to 30. Its program will be similar to our regular “live” meetings, with open sessions the first two days and formal sessions the last two days. The plenary will also be accessible online via Zoom like in 2021.

We hope that a lot of participants will come to Serbia. There is nothing to move forward like meeting physically. If you do come, we recommend that you stay at the Crowne hotel. We negotiated very attractive prices (€80 single, €100 double) for a hotel of this standard. The facilities offered are very good.

Practical information will be posted soon.

Deadlines are:

  • November 27 – Awards nominations (Hang Gliding and Paragliding diploma; Pepe Lopes medal)
  • November 28 – Proposals to the plenary
  • December 1 – Bids for championships


Championships to be awarded are:


        World PG Aerobatics


·        HG XC 1 European

·        HG XC 2-5-Sport World

·        PG Accuracy Asian

·        PG Accuracy European

·        PG Accuracy Pan-American

·        PG XC Asian

·        PG XC European

·        PG XC Pan-American